This Sweet Dream Encouraged Me To Blog And That’s How I Started

I got a dream one night, I was a child in it. I was at play and came in with my hands and feet muddied. When i entered my room after I had cleaned up, I saw my dad poised at my desk with some sheets of blank paper and pencils. I stopped in my tracks and stared blankly at him with my mind racing to figure out the why of his presence at my desk. Had I forgotten an assignment and had my school phoned him to complain about it? But no, I was a topper in my class and had a spotless record of being a responsible one at that. I had never till date delayed or missed submitting an assignment, neither had I ever let my marks drop from the best. So, what was it then?

He beckoned to me to sit by his side. I walked up to him, unsure but did all the same sit down close to him. He took my hand, wrapped my right palm-fingers around a pencil and made as if to guide me to write! I was stumped again and looked up at him silently. For heaven’s sake, I was in my fifth grade and what exactly was that? He was silent, but gestured with his eyes towards the paper to start writing. While I was still in my state of confusion, dad vanished because my dream ended abruptly!

I woke up and actually did look for my dad around, but realized was in my bed and turned to my side with a smile, happy to have got a glimpse of dad, for its years sine he has moved on to another realm. For all of the following day, my mind kept going back to the dream. I dismissed it as a random dream sometime close to the end of the day and while I drove to work the next day, I think I kind of put some meaning into it.

Dad aspired me to be if not a writer, at least to write. Write my thoughts, write my experiences, for that is how one begins, he would tell me when I entered my Grad. He saw the spark in me, he told me often. But youth had other attractions. I also had fallen in love then and all my energies were invested in the relationship. He sounded his disappointment quite often, but never gave up reminding me. I would say, “yes papa, soon”, but that soon got so delayed and he moved on…..

So I decided….this was it. It was yet another reminder, a silent one from another world this time. And so I took up pen and paper :), that’s just a way of saying – I opened my desktop and the first thing that came to mind was blogging. I had always been curious about blogs, but had not an iota of inkling about the how of it. Big Daddy Google led me to WordPress and in no time, I had registered and set up My Thought Lane.

Did I know what I was going to blog about? Kind of yes. Since the inspiration came from dad, it had to be sharing….sharing views, sharing information. I couldn’t be a poet or a storyteller, but facts and research I could write about. He wrote a few books himself, documenting people and places in and around Dharwad, the place we lived till I got married. It was then a quaint town, known for its musical and literary heritage. He was mighty proud of his town and has even penned a short poem on how he would like to be buried in his beloved birthplace. In it, he assumes that he would live on forever in spirit in the town. After I began my stint in blogging, I did translate that short poem into English from Kannada, as a tribute to him. Would you like to read it here?

That was just an attempt at reproducing a poem from a regional language to English in the form of a word song.

I took to blogging like a fish takes to water and read and researched, wrote and enjoyed doing so. I over-shared and I still do, because I love disseminating all that I learn and know every day. I am not a paid blogger, I am a blogger by passion and my areas of interest are wellness, fitness and beauty. I do review beauty products and the reason I provide links to them is to just let my readers access them easily. I am since March 2021 working with a natural skin care e-commerce company called Aardae, which retails In Singapore only at the moment. I am their Product Strategist and I so love my job, being a skincare addict or junkie, term it as you may. A few of my blogs are linked to businesses, but again, that’s just for awareness. I am currently reading up and locating a lot of Korean and Japanese beauty products and oh, its sheer pleasure to be learning more and more everyday. I still have a long way to go in learning how to blog better, how to connect better. I do find a lot of inspiration in the hundreds of bloggers that are a million times more passionate than me. WordPress is a great space to be in and this journey of a blogger feels great with you all as my co-travelers.

I hope my dad is looking from above, from wherever he is and has finally seen his daughter don the writer’s cap. Is he smiling? He must be.

A Complete Guide To Cleansing And Eight Cleansers For Every Skin Type

The first secret to glowing skin is effective cleansing, do you agree? We are now on the same page, and so here are eight options of face cleansers that are packed with beneficial natural ingredients. They are gentle, safe and score high on efficacy.

A well-cleansed face provides the canvas for further skincare and makeup. Clean skin drinks up the nutrients from your serums, essences and moisturizers, giving you that ‘much-desired’ plump, glowy and dewy skin. 

When is the best time to cleanse your face?
Every type of skin…. even problem skin needs daily cleansing and twice a day at that! At bedtime, or after you get back home in the evening to dislodge the build-up of dirt, grime and makeup that sat on your face all day! And the first thing on waking up to remove residual oils from the night (read natural sebum plus bedtime skincare products).

How to cleanse effectively without drying the skin?
First and foremost, say no to harsh chemicals and choose gentle formulations from trusted brands. Opt for natural ingredients that target your skin concern.
But, before I take you to some hero face cleansers, just a few tips on how to give your skin a little TLC.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Face Cleansing

  • Properly remove all your makeup first – use a gentle makeup remover and a soft cotton pad to do so.
  • Use lukewarm water – extreme temperatures of water can harm your skin, and do no good.
  • Skip the washcloth – much touted it is on social media, but it can irritate skin due to rubbing.
  • Allow the face cleanser to sit on your face for a few seconds to dissolve and dislodge the impurities. Do not wash off immediately. Massage the product gently on your face and neck with your fingers.
  • Tools like face brushes and loofahs are not really essential. A good face cleanser applied using your finger tips will do the job.
  • Your neck is an extension of your face in the beauty world, so give it the same care as you would a face.
  • Pat your face dry gently with a soft towel and avoid rubbing it on.
  • Apart from washing your face twice a day, cleanse it additionally only if required (in cases of sweating) and use only the required amount of the product. Over-washing can dry up your skin.

When you are done cleansing, do remember to follow up with a toner/serum/moisturizer that suits your skin type and concern.
I have put together eight of the best facial cleansers to suit all skin types, and have you covered with natural ingredients – only after I have tried and tested them on myself and some members of a test team so that I recommend only the safest and the best. These products are available in India on the brand websites as well as at Aardae website in Singapore. I have provided links to the products in India at the end.

Aminu – the essentials AHA FACE WASH

aminu aha face wash for blemish clearing and brightening, aardae, singapore

A face wash to fall in love with, you certainly wouldn’t want to miss this. If its classy packaging draws you to it at first glance, prepare to be wowed by the gentle, soothing potion that leaves your skin smooth, radiant and fresh as dew. With five natural AHAs, natural sugars, antioxidants, botanicals and mild resurfacing ingredients, this face wash is a ‘multitasker’.

Skin Type – Dry, Normal, Combination, and Oily 

Skin Goals – De-Tanning, Spot-Correction, Blemish-Clearing, Brightening. Sensitive skin types can avoid this and opt for Aminu Cream Cleanser.

Earth Rhythm-Cleansing Balm With Propolis

earth rhythm cleansing balm with propolis

 If you love the ingredient ‘propolis’, this cleansing balm is for you. A face cleanser that not just gently cleans, but brightens up skin instantly, like none other. Keep this handy if you have an event to go to and you may shine the best. Plant-based fatty acids replenish, while the rest of the rich natural ingredients balance, heal and soothe skin.

Skin Type – Acne-prone, Dry & Problematic.

Skin Goals – SkinBalancing, Healing & Soothing, Retaining Moisture.  

Omorfee – Green Apple Face Wash

omorfee apple protein face wash for sebum balancing and acne

‘An apple protein to deep clean oily skin’ is its simplest description. Oily skin throws up many challenges when it comes to face washes and moisturisers. But this Omorfee green apple face wash, devoid of sulphate extricates all grime without disrupting the healthy skin mantle. Could be your best bet to taking care of oily/acne-prone skin and keeping it healthy.

Skin Type – Oily & Acne-prone.

Skin Goals – Sebum balancing, Clearing Pores, Controlling Acne.

Shankara Naturals – Hydrating Cleanser – Fine Line

shankara naturals hydrating face wash for fine lines

A good one for combination and dry skin types. It’s not often that products are formulated for combination skin, but this one is. A face wash that feels luxurious yet cleanses thoroughly, leaving skin soft and smooth. A perfect blend of highly potent natural ingredients that helps in protecting the natural acid mantle of the skin.

Skin Type – All

Skin Goals – Skin acid mantle protection, Soothe skin and keep it moist, Remove makeup gently & effectively.

Detoxie – Anti-pollution & De-tan Refreshing Face Wash

detoxie face wash to combat pollution and tanning

Made for city life, made for you! City life is riddled with pollution and many environmental stressors, which in turn stresses our insides too, resulting in inflammation, damaged skin barrier, acne and pigmentation. Detoxie face wash has been designed to combat just that. It’s enriched with potent nutrients like Japanese Matcha, Peach Extract, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel Extract, Alpha Arbutin & Jojoba Ester. Together they help in cleansing pores to the core, minimizing blemishes and all that without drying the skin.

Skin Type – All

Skin Goals – Cleansing of all pollutants, Brightening of Skin, Clearing Pores.

Juicy Chemistry – Saffron, Marula and Ylang Ylang Face Wash

juicy chemistry face wash for improving skin texture and plumping

This face wash is a boon to dry and mature skin. Enriched with antioxidants, phenols, plant vitamins, fatty acids and terpenes, this Marula and Saffron face wash cleanses without drying mature skin further, and reverses free radical damage. Women who have used have reported smoothening of skin texture too! So that’s a big plus.

Skin Type – Normal to Dry

Skin Goals – Nourishing dry skin, Enhancing Tone & Texture, Plumping.

Soul Tree – Indian Rose Face Wash

soul tree face wash to enhance elasticity

Absolutely wonderful on normal to dry skin. Dry skin particularly is always under threat of losing its plumpness and elasticity. Potent extracts of Indian Rose and Turmeric are super beneficial to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Forest Honey and Aloe Vera together leave skin refreshed and hydrated.

Skin Type – All

Skin Goals – Retain elasticity, Keep skin blemish-free, nourished and hydrated.

Brillare – Oil Away Face Wash

brillare face wash for oily and acne prone skin, aardae, singapore

Oily skin can be tricky, one is never sure of what face wash and moisturiser to use. But, here is one product that puts your fear to rest. Brillare’s Oil Away Face Wash cleanses pores deep enough to clear it of the residual sebum, thereby leaving no room for microbes. Leaves skin non-greasy and fresh.

Skin Type – Oily & Acne-prone

Skin Goals – Oil balancing, Clear Pore

So those are some top-notch recommendations for high-performance face cleansers with pure and natural ingredients.

Bonus Tip :
Foods containing preservatives and artificial ingredients may irritate skin and cause breakouts even in the healthiest of skins. For eg, foods high in trans fats, such as margarine, processed food, and fast food. Foods high in sugar may also trigger eczema flare-ups. Sugar causes your insulin levels to spike, which can result in inflammation.

All products at Aardae are free from harsh chemicals, are not tested on animals and are eco-friendly. With natural ingredients sourced ethically from across the globe.
See you soon again. Till then, stay beautiful, naturally!

Aminu AHA Face Wash :

Earth Rhythm Cleansing Balm :

Omorfee Green Apple Face Wash :

Hydrating Cleanser Shankara Naturals :

Detoxie Anti Pollution Face Wash :

Juicy Chemistry Face Wash :

Indian Rose Face Wash Soul Tree :

Oil Away Face Wash Brillare :