Does Lymphatic Drainage Affect Skin And How To Improve It From Within

Skin most often reflects what goes on inside our body, particularly the gut. There will always be exceptions like some who follow a poor lifestyle, yet have a great skin and I can go grrrrrr at the sight of such. I mean I invest a lot of time in caring for my body and skin, it’s not fair right, with what they can get away!

Genes can be the culprit, or the blessing in some other cases. But, we are not playing the blame game here. We are taking accountability and giving our skin the care it needs, whether we are endowed with a glowy one or a dull, dehydrated one. My mom had the most gorgeous skin, while my dad quite the opposite! So what I got is – equal portions of both!!

My blog, this one, is about the inner and outer connect, between the organs in our body and the skin that covers and protects them all. Do we have to obsess over our skin? Yes, in my view because for one, it shields our inner organs and two, it makes first impressions. Who doesn’t want to make good first impressions?

In order for our body to function at its best, all our body organs are to be at their optimal best. Any lesser would end up in health issues, big or small as the case might be. Our body goes through oxidative stress 24/7 and inflammation is always lurking round the corner. Consuming nutritious food and pumping the body with antioxidants to counter the free radicals is the only way out.

How Do Toxins Appear In The Body?

There is a lot of talk on toxins in our bodies, which need to be expelled on a daily basis. But, before that, a few lines on how toxins manifest in our bodies in the first place. From a general perspective, a toxin is matter that the body is either unable to digest or get rid of. Such matter when left un-expelled can lead to diseases.

Toxins can be born out of the natural, biological waste from the cells and the internal processes in the body. Waste bacteria, resulting from undigested food add to the load.

The Detox Process:

We have these organs in our body that are capable of detoxifying our system

  • Liver and Kidneys
  • Skin
  • Lymphatic Draining System

Liver and kidneys are the body’s major detoxifying organs.
Skin is the secondary detoxifying organ.

When the liver and kidneys do not function at their best as a natural process, the skin is called upon to assist in the job of moving the toxic load out. This can be a smooth process quite often, but it can traumatise the skin in the form of eruptions or rashes. So, skincare addicts and junkies, its best to keep our insides working well so that what we treasure most stays soft and glowing – our skin!

The Lymphatic Draining System is a very important process in the body which helps clean up the skin tissues of all toxins. But, its not always so simple. The lymphatic system can get clogged or congested when the fluids do not flow properly.

What Causes Lymphatic Congestion?
An overload of toxins in the form of waste and debris due to poor lifestyle and choice of foods like processed foods.
An over-exposure to environmental toxins can also trigger the blocking of lymphatic nodes and that’s a breeding ground for skin issues.

The digestive tract is home to about 80% of the lymphatic system. Hence, digestive issues can throw the skin and its top layer, the barrier into a tizzy. You see the connection now? So next time, you have skin woes, try to first look within and get to the root of the problem – the gut.

The Lymphatic System is made up of the superficial and deeper levels. The superficial system drains the head, neck, breasts and the skin into the deep system, which in turn drains all the deep vital organs including the digestive tract. That, in turn drains into the liver and is eliminated through the colon. Ideally, this entire flow needs to be a smooth sailing affair. But, when it isn’t, our skin starts talking and shows symptoms of a malfunction in the form of skin issues.

There are ways of clearing a clogged lymphatic draining system, read about it here.

Another useful resource on what to do to better cleanse the lymphatic draining system. Do read this, its extremely useful. Since it is already put together so beautifully already, sharing it with you.

Digestive Tract, Skin, Immune System

That’s a trio and each one of them are dependent on the other for optimal functioning. Our immune system would get compromised if the other two are compromised in any way. The human body never ceases to amaze me. A mark of someone’s intelligence – glory be to our Creator!

Skin conditions such as rashes, hives, acne, eczema or psoriasis need to be healed from the inside. Topical applications can only soothe and suppress the symptoms. When it comes to skin issues, we need to dig deeper and respect the inner-outer connect that skin and our body organs have.

Calling upon the pillars of great skin, the liver, kidneys, digestive tract and the lymphatic system to support us all in keeping good skin, great skin, NATURALLY! May skin be our canvas and makeup its enhancer.