Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Two feelings and an object !

A picture clicked one early morning in the sleepy town of Mysore in Karnataka , India , while on a walk. Two lines of thoughts shot across my mind at that moment. A sense of emptiness . Or a round of hot aromatic cups of coffee had been shared between a family before the busy-ness of the day rushed in. Much later in the day as I took a re-look in my phone camera did I notice the distressed state of two of the chairs. The beautiful chairs look coveted and probably would be refurbished soon. As much as that may be , I , for reasons unknown had no heart to delete it from my gallery and here we are.

Poor light you may say , but it’s precisely that which has made this photograph warm and endearing to me. Care and comfort as its title. This is a cousin that loves her puppy to distraction.

Would you guess what these are , unless you have seen them before ? Seats in the lobby of a star hotel. Not that I found them particularly pretty , but they just caught my attention. Amn’t I glad I didn’t delete these pictures ! As a blogger , every bit of your thought and every pic is food for thought and the pen ! Thank you WordPress !