Our Philosophy……

Sky is the limit is true ! A dear friend from an industrial background now gets creative ! And pampers Singapore with tastefully selected goodies !

Sandalwood Room

The Sandalwood room

To share beautiful things from anywhere in the world with our customers.
The Sandalwood Room is a creative space where we bring artistic work from across the world.         Our focus is contemporary designs,traditional craft forms. Specifically we work with a lot of contemporary artists, designers who in turn source goods from rural areas, who work with underprivileged women and indeed other sections of society: with craftsmen for e.g., who had no means of selling their goods or sustaining their craft forms until the designers came along to sell their goods to the wider markets.

India particularly is a vast country with a lot of scope. We presently promote a lot of young and budding designers and companies. As an enterprise whose primary task is to bring art and culture from across the world, we align ourselves to players, because we believe that we are helping them earn…

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