Iron Therapy : Machine and The Man

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My own paradise , my own simple home therapies to perk me up from those some deep down in the dumps moods. “Be my guest since you are already here and I shall give you a treat(ment)” , I say to them.
In moments like this , the ideal order of things I do would be hit the gym , head to my PC , switch on the ironing appliance. So basically it’s exercise , technology and a household chore that suddenly transforms into a mood lifter.
It is advised to take 2 of these for anger and mood management gym anger management
Well you give focus , determination and an extra pump of energy and lo and behold you have beaten stress , anger and low moods. Sounds like the thing to do.
Technology is always a high for me , so it’s got to counter the low (mood). You have the world at your fingertips , it throws challenges in your face every now and then , you find solutions and yay ! A sense of victory ! Mood uplifted !
And if it’s music you are working on , wow , it’s worth it. Downloading and adding music to my iPod is balmy. I am on track again.
But the ‘iron box’ , the box ness of which you could attribute to the iron boxes filled with red hot charcoal , you will say is like ‘piddly si baatein’ ( so mundane ) if you have heard the song from the Hindi movie #Shamitabh. But that’s precisely  why the iron is the star of my blog today , a mere iron is the hero or the heroine. Till my stint with #HomeNeedsOnline started , appliances were mere machines that switched on and off and did jobs for me. But my job as PR consultant for brought in a passion for appliances unheard of in my dictionary. It’s not just appliances available at the click of a button and I have been clicking ever too often now , but the marvel at how much thought has gone into making each #HomeAppliance help make life so much  simpler !  And this iron box , it has been my favorite always and more so now.
So I turn it on and the yellowish orange indicator is the beginning of my stress fading away. Have you sensed that warm odour emanating from the hot ready iron ? No ? You notice things that you normally wouldn’t only when you are passionate about something. I lay a freshly washed shirt flat and attempt to smooth the creases with my hand , but nah. So pick up the hot iron , land it gently on the garment and ‘press’ the shirt as is usually referred to. As the stubborn creases do the vanishing act , my eyebrows loosen up and I can sense my expression becoming gentler. It helps that there is a mirror right in front of me. It gets even better when I use the steam option. As the vent spritzes out steam and the tiniest of water droplets , I am letting out steam too. My ironing board is laid out in my backyard overlooking a little garden ; soothing nature coupled with man’s invention. I sometimes move the ironing board indoors in the evenings when my son needs his clothes ironed at the last minute ( always) , switch on a mild yellow light in the room , turn on my favourite music , light an aroma candle and iron away to glory. I end up ironing more clothes than I set out to because it’s no longer a ‘need to do job’ but a ‘nice to do one’ . A huge sense of satisfaction to see that neatly ironed pile of clothes. Stress dissipated and a chore done in a breeze. I bounce back !!!!!
I have heard friends discussing how doing the laundry is therapeutic to some. Yes , right , it perhaps is the act of sorting out the clothes before feeding them into the washing machine akin to compartmentalising life’s issues. Then watching the clothes getting cleansed akin to the lows fading away !
Mechanical and Psychological ,
the Machine and the Man…….

3 thoughts on “Iron Therapy : Machine and The Man

  1. I remember readying my children to see them off to school. It was my part of my household to iron their school uniform. Reading your blog brought these memories back. Seeing odd creaes disappear and new ones emerging always brought a sense of satisfaction. Well written.


  2. Thank you Ramesh , a chore that it used to be in college days has now assumed a positive dimension to it. As life continues to lay challenges in your path , I guess you either invent or embrace ways of beating the stress.


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