Jumpsuits , the versatile Comfort Wear

LUX 214 – Elegant , Casual or Formal

Jumpsuit has it all  – cool for cocktails , fab for a brunchy date or a night out , and a perfect party dress ! No dress could get more versatile ! Well , wait , one could even trek with them on !

Screaming red jumpsuit , all hot

Screaming red Jumpsuit , all hot

Screaming red Jumpsuit , all smart

Screaming red Jumpsuit , all smart

Head-turner stripes , club it with some attitude !

Sassy red Jumpsuit

Classic white and black that never goes wrong , a Jumpsuit for all occasions.


Slim in black and white Jumpsuit

Stripes JS Front

Fantasticate with this feminine and fresh pink shade

Pink flourish Jumpsuit

Pink flourish Jumpsuit

Go as casual as you can with this floral , light , breezy Jumpsuit

Home party Jumpsuit , take it to the  beach too

Home party Jumpsuit , take it to the beach too

Comfort is the keyword in Jumpsuits , then and now. Its humble roots go back to being a one-piece garment for sky-divers and parachuters as the name suggests , designed to insulate , cocooning them from the freezing temperatures of the high altitudes. Those very functional ‘onesies’ have today redefined fashion , combining comfort and style. Somebody write an ode to jumpsuits , if it hasnt been done already !

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@ LUX 214 , 214 TTK Road , Alwarpet , Chennai 600018 , Tamil Nadu , India.

Tel : +91 44 43132255

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