Boxes – Ephemeral joy of shopping

The Evanescence of the Box-moment !

ephemeral joy boxes

Ephemeral joy in boxes

Boxes are a bit like the future. Those whose contents are our coveted products. Those that we pay for in the shops. Those that are cherishingly thrust into shopping bags and brought home. Those sealed paper board cartons that hold the magic and promise of the unexplored.

I am dreaming of the scent that is treasured in the perfume box , of the richness in the chocolate box , of the softness in the face-cream box , I will soon bask in those sensuous feelings and the aniticipation makes it all the more exciting. Thats why boxes are a bit like the future , they signify my dreams , absolutely material at the moment. And the moment of unravelling the goodies within – I call it the  ephemeral moment.

It all begins even while I set my eyes on the goodies at the shop counters. A sense of ownership as you pay for them ; the weight and feel of the shopping bags a feel good factor ! An impatient journey home , cant wait to open the treasures !

It gives me a high , as I very carefully slit open the box-cartons. Oh , they even smell so good , a certain something fragrance of the fresh cartons wrapped in shimmering glossy cellophane ! Akin to the heady , crisp aroma of new paper and ink. Here is why I may never read from Kindle.

There , I am in that ephemeral moment ,…’s now fleeting and in a few seconds will be gone ! A future-like instant unfolding into the present slips by to become the past !

10 thoughts on “Boxes – Ephemeral joy of shopping

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  2. So true. The high lingers for many days. I still keep my boxes safely, just to glance at them once in a way and feel that excitement. 🙂


    • Nice of you to read and share your comment. Its people like you that encourage amateur bloggers like tome to move forward. I am now combining my own musings with product blogging and hope to do a better job ! Thanks !


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