Beaded and Crystal Cocktail Jewellery , a fashion statement

LUX 214 , a rage in Beaded , Crystal Jewellery

Frankly , it’s the age of cocktail or  fashion and costume jewellery and who is behind it all ? Don’t you think its being largely driven by the apparel industry ? I mean , look at the zillion styles of clothing. We need accessories to go with them. There aren’t many rules in fashion any more. Mix , match and more mix n match. Its bonanza for the accessories industry too ! And we are not complaining ! Check out these eye-catching cocktail necklaces.


The less is more concept is working wonders in the fashion industry. Volumes have the biggest say and volumes are driven by pricing. So , we , consumers get to buy more , wear more. The keepsake or the collectible jewellery , the real fine precious jewellery is living up to its terminology and is being relegated to safe corners more and more. Else , we , fashionistas would have little jewellery to go with our expanding wardrobes.


Fashion/Costume jewellery came into being in the 1930s as an inexpensive , disposable accessory meant to be paired with specific styles and since then has gone on to sweep the imaginations of designers and consumers alike. Then came the machine-age , the Industrial Revolution and the timing was perfect ! Making mass-produced jewellery affordable and stylish , precious gold-silver and gemstones making way for the more affordable metals and synthetic stones. That is not to gainsay heirloom pieces , but how often does one wear them these days ?


While the feel of precious jewellery is unsurpassed , yet , kudos to the fashion-jewellery designers ! They make us feel adequate and often indulgent. And Indians love jewellery anyway. There is something else that we love more and emulate. Films ! While Hollywood influenced the rest of the world , our Hindi film industry fuelled the nouveau fashionistas’ urge to flaunt elaborate fashion jewellery akin to those worn by our sensuous heroines.


And we got more styles , more jewellery to choose from , from all over the world. Here are a few stunning pieces of cocktail/fashion/costume jewellery.

Fashion/costume/cocktail jewellery will only continue to get better and redefined in many more ways. LUX214 has plans to expand their jewellery section to making it an exclusive boutique for fashion/costume accessories.

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@ LUX 214 , 214 TTK Road , Alwarpet , Chennai 600018 , Tamil Nadu , India.

Tel : +91 44 43132255

More trends coming soon . We look forward to your comments and feedback.​

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