For you Singapore, The Great Diwali Sale at The Sandalwood Room

Shop at The Sandalwood Room for some stunning gifts this Diwali!

Don’t we all love to get lucky? And sometimes you don’t have to work hard and harder for it. You just have to walk in to The Sandalwood Room! Remember that look of glee on your friend’s face ( you obviously couldn’t see your own ), when you both won a box chocolates at a local fair, as children? We would love to see that on yours now, as you shop at The Sandalwood Room. 

 Singapore folks, festive times have begun and the mood is all set to shop. For all those celebrating Diwali and everything autumnal.

Head to Prinsep Street for your Diwali shopping. The Sandalwood Room is abuzz with goodies for the festival of lights.

  • Pick up stunning home- décor pieces and give your homes a makeover.
  • Shop for gifts and surprise your loved ones.
  • And for you – ethnic, yet trendy ensembles and fashion accessories to carry off  that festive look as you go praying or partying.
  • Lanterns, candles, diyas and incense for your worship.

Welcome to The Sandalwood Room80You can team these stunning neck-pieces with ethnic wear or contemporary

IMG_7972 (1) (1)

Wear art on your hands

IMG_7948 copy

Some costume and some fine jewelry

73 (1)

Collectibles just right for the season23 (1)

Wall-decor with a difference


Make this beautiful box a store-house for your tiny treasures

47 (1)_Fotor

Light and illuminate with this wrought-iron lantern

TSR lantern

Home-decor to jazz up your rooms


Singapore is inherently a land of colours and during Diwali, people go all out to light up their homes and stores, glittering like never before. Surrounding themselves with the warm glow of the yellow light and basking in merry-making, turning it into a fantasy land.

Our gift to you this Diwali

There is an air of excitement and a heady mix of colours and textures out here at The Sandalwood Room! Browse, feel pampered and shop to your heart’s content.

And now, it is time  to bring a smile to your face. Dip into the Pot of Luck, pull out a Sandalwood Room Diwali Voucher and watch your bill dip too! You just saved some $$$$$, so do you want to shop for more? Go ahead, you could get luckier and on a roll !

A sample of The Sandalwood Room vouchers – to reward your fine taste in shopping.


Vouchers that you can redeem with your current billing or the next. Gift them to your loved ones just like that, or turn them into little Diwali gifts. Either way, see faces light up, we know how it feels to be gifted! To some, it could be serendipitous!

This is a Diwali offer. So

  • Vouchers valid till Nov 9, 2015 only
  • Redeemable only at The Sandalwood Room, 76 Prinsep Street, for their products
  • Voucher redemption on select items only
  • Resolution of any dispute will be at sole discretion of The Sandalwood Room.

About Diwali, a small note

Diwali ,  like Christmas has gained international acceptance as the season for offering prayers, shopping, partying and merry-making. It is the biggest festival for Hindus, Sikhs and Jains all over the world. While Diwali is strongly associated with Hinduism, a lot of Christians and Muslims do partake in the festivities too. Do you know why it is widely celebrated by Buddhists in Southeast Asian countries? Due to its association with the Ramayana and the underlying universal message of victory of good over evil and the triumph of light over darkness.

We are all set and we look forward to having you with us soon at The Sandalwood Room for your Diwali shopping. Till then, happy festive moments!

Find us : The Sandalwood Room, 76 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188663

Ph: (65) 6883 2369 and (65) 9786 5896

Email: ,




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