This Sumptuous Pongal Feast at The Raintree cannot be missed.

Vanakkam! If you are eating out this Pongal, its got to be at the ‘Colony’ restaurant in The Raintree on St Mary’s Road

In our part of the world in India we are not done with the festivities yet. It is Pongal time. The festival of harvesting is called by different names in different regions of the country, but the spirit is the same.

Most of the harvesting is done and it is time to cook up delicious meals with the fresh produce from the fields. There is a jubilant air  in villages and cities alike. It is shopping time and feasting time. Above all else, it is worship time. To send up prayers of gratitude to the Sun God, the primary source of all life on earth. To acknowledge the supremacy of Mother Nature for our very existence. Not to forget the cattle that have ploughed our fields and carried our grains.

Food prepared during Pongal certainly tastes different, more delicious, from the freshness of it all. So here I was at The Raintree on St Mary’s Road to sample a few of their Pongal dishes. “Colony”, the restaurant that beckons you to its ‘Harvest’ feast delicacies is designed to give you that feel of comfort at home and towards that their arrangement of crockery drew home the point. This is just like we would stack up our plates and dishes in our dining rooms.

crockery display home style at colony, the raintree

Crockery displayed home style

wall decor , colony, the raintree

Customised wall decor and bronze tiffin carriers and vessels

This décor on the walls and the shelves is not to be missed either.We sit down to pamper our palettes as the veg clear soup with tofu and noodles is served. It has its share of sliced carrots and baby corn. Yummy it is but can also be a weight watcher’s delight. Chef Umapathy explains each dish as it is brought to the table.

Two kinds of starters arrive next. Vazhaipoo Vadai (batter fried fritters made from the flower of the banana plant) with fresh coconut chutney to die for and a plate of ‘variety Kuzhi Paniyarams’. Regular plain, mint paniyaram and oats paniyaram accompanied by two kinds of chutneys – coconut and tomato types. Mouth-watering is an understatement. There 6 Kuzhi Paniyarams, two of each variety in the platter, but I have to be content with tasting only one of each. There is so much more to eat!

Vazhai poo vadas , variety Paniyaram platter, colony, the raintree

Vazhai poo vadas , variety Paniyaram platter

Life feels good when you sip on water after the delectables.

I ask them to pause a bit before the main course of Ven Pongal, Ezhukari Kootu and Seppankizhangu roast is served.

ezhukari kootu, colony, the raintree

Ezhukari kootu

The traditional Ven Pongal is made from rice and lentils with yummy seasoning. The Ezhukari Kootu is made from seven types of vegetables freshly harvested – yam, raw banana, chayote, broad beans, green tender bean seeds ,pumpkin and colocasia. Seppankizhangu roast is of course the colocasia roasted, tempered and seasoned with spices.

Now dessert cannot be far behind. Arrives a pot of Sakkarai Pongal replete with ghee and roasted nuts topping the delicious sweet. I remember closing my eyes in an euphoria of appreciation at the very first spoonful! My Pongal lunch is done but the festival lasts for a few days and I know I can look forward to sumptuous feasts in the coming days too. Their menu listed below is exhaustive, but I have chosen to taste only so much

The ‘Harvest’ festival at Colony restaurant in Raintree Hotel is on for the weekend, from 15th to 17th January. Lunch timings 12 noon up to 3.30 on all the three days and dinner from 7 pm to 11 pm. All the three days will see different menus, in keeping with Pongal though, alongside their regular menu. 

Colony restaurant has these Fusion Fridays where as the name suggests, a fusion of cuisines is served at dinner. Their Pickled Thayir Sadam Veg Sushi that has become the most favoured is just a sample.

Pickled thayir sadam veg sushi, colony, the raintree

Fusion style Sushi, Chef Umapathy’s recipe

This Pongal Friday however, a flavor of Pongal is going to be added to the Friday Fusion fare.

Pongal this year falls over a weekend and so a Sunday Pongal Brunch is inevitable. Their regular fare plus Pongal specialities to be savoured, choose yours.

Priced at Rs 1450 plus taxes, here goes the Pongal menu


Non – Vegetarian

Erachi Biryani

Kozhi Sukka

Manga Meen Kozhambhu

Moroccan beef with mash Potato

Kadai Tangri Murgh

Gosht do pyaz

Kung pao Prawn


Seppakizhangu peratal

Keerai Masiyal

Ennai Kathrikkai

Mundiri paruppu masala

Ezhukari Kootu

Paneer Tikka Kurchan

Achari Bhindi

Masoor Ki Dal

Ara Nellikai Sadam

Singapore Hakka Noodle

Asian green Vegetables

Ratatouille Baked Pie

Potato Skin with Creamy Corn Filling

Soup & Starters

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Chicken Tom Yam soup

Vazhaipoo Vada

Uppu Urundai

Vada pav

Murgh Mughalai Paratha

Crumb Fried Prawn

Mac N Cheese

At-Site Counter

Paruppu Adai

Variety Pongal / vada





Reason enough to head to The Raintree on St Mary’s Road to enjoy some authentic cuisines. You will feel pampered by the hospitable team at ‘Colony’.

The Raintree on St Mary’s Road is located at

#120, St Mary’s Road, Alwarpet, Chennai 600018

Tel : 91 44 4225 2525 / 2430 4050 , Mob : 89390 21083

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