Chinese New Year Gifting – Make The Best Of The Red Monkey Year

Hóunián jíxiáng : Good luck for this Monkey year

chinese new year red monkeys the sandalwood room

Year of the Red Monkey

What comes to my mind when I think of a monkey is that they are fun, energetic, curious and mischievous. So I guess this Chinese New Year is going to be all of that. Here’s wishing everyone a fabulous Time with family and friends in the year of the Red Monkey from The Sandalwood Room team.

The Sandalwood Room has put together lots of gifts and collectibles to make your family time during the festivities memorable. A small gesture to thank all their customers and usher in good luck for you and themselves.  Step in for the Chinese New Year shopping and avail discounts on selected items.

upto 50 percent off discounts the sandalwood room

Before you go shopping and gifting, a little trivia on why the Chinese New Years are named after animals. Legend has it that Buddha, in his times asked all the animals to meet him on the Chinese New Years day. Only twelve animals turned up. Buddha then named a year after each one and declared that people born in each animal’s year would have some of the traits of that animal ( I wish I could choose the animal or the year !!!! ). So you could be forgiven if you monkey around a bit this year !!

Chinese New Year is China’s most important traditional festival. It is also called the Spring festival. And just like a new year’s time in every other country is a time of celebration and jubilation, so is it for the Chinese, lasting for a week. An official week-long holiday from 7 to 13 February, for family feasts, fireworks, worship and gifting.

There are many interesting stories and legends that explain the start of the Chinese New Year. Click here to find out.

Red symbolises fire, and as per the Chinese legends can drive away evil and bring good luck. So people wear red clothes, decorate their homes with red festoons and give their children and the elderly red envelopes with money in them.

So here are some gift ideas in red. This year, gift these note-pads, boxes and bags. They will be cherished much after the Chinese New Year for their multi-purpose value.

gifts in red year of red monkey the sandalwood room

Gift ideas in red for the Chinese New Year of the Red Monkey

And now style your dining tables for your Chinese New Year foods, your dumplings, spring rolls, glutinous rice cakes and sweet rice balls with some suggestions from The Sandalwood Room. Make your Reunion Dinners special.

designer tableware for chinese new year family dinners the sandalwood room

Exclusive tableware for the Reunion Dinners

For the Lantern Festival, carry these to an evening parade under the light of the full moon or hang them to decorate your homes.

glass and iron lanterns the sandalwood room

Iron Lanterns for decoration

candle holders for worship the sandalwood room

Beautiful candle-holders for Worship

decorative goblets ceramic jar and bowls

Ceramic jar and bowls along with decorative goblets

Little kids at home add that dash of joviality to the celebrations and don’t they look forward to gifts ? They love stuffed toys and here are some.

stuffed toys reindeer and monkey the sandalwood room

Stuffed reindeer and monkey














stuffed mother baby elephants the sandalwood room

Stuffed mother and baby elephants

No shopping or festivity is complete without womens’ fashion. A sample of some simple jewelry that can be teamed with your traditional outfits or casual western wear.

beaded jewelry casual wear the sandalwood room

Chic beaded jewelry

Signing off as I gaze out onto Tras Street. Such an air of festivity and glee. Squeals of pleasure as shoppers find good deals in stores and restaurants. The first day of the Monkey Year is a week away yet, but the mood of merry-making has already set in. I guess I could do with some of it too. I shall begin with The Sandalwood Room and then step out.

The Sandalwood Room prides itself on being the only one of its kind in Singapore. It is a boutique for those who love the finer things of life and you can unwind  and feel pampered. In a store like this and for the kind of products they retail in, the touch and feel factor makes a big difference. So best to walk in and feel the experience.

  • If you have liked any of these products , walk in and if you wish to place an order, The Sandalwood Room will be happy to courier it to you.
  • Price on request. Email them at the ID below.
  • Payments are routed through PayPal.
  • All products subject to availability.

New Address:

The Sandalwood Room, 78 Tras Street, Singapore 079017

Landline : +65 6221 2654 / +65 9786 5896



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