Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge – Much Ado About Everything

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge, thank you – I get to publish these photos that I have been clinging on to, not being sure if I wanted to Instagram them or post them on Facebook. Ain’t I glad to be in the blogging world where there is always a corner to publish our thoughts?

This one here was clicked at a restaurant called Chennai Express in the Chennai city airport. Metal trunks of days when people lugged these heavy luggage boxes into trains and buses. You either had to be an Arnold Schwarzenegger or you needed a porter to carry them on their heads. Nice way to customise one’s trunks with those painted flowers on them. And then we have kettles and metal canisters in which grain was stored in quantities. Neatly stacked up  on an antique wooden box. My mood was upbeat being Mumbai-bound and this visual only added to it.

metal trunks, cannisters, kettles and antique wooden box at Chennai Express restaurant in the city airport

Old world charm with metal trunks, canisters and kettles and an antique wooden trunk

Candle stands, spoons and bowls made of wood that I bought in Kerala, a southern state in India. My husband and I fought over these – we had excess baggage and I insisted on bringing these home.

wooden artefacts from Kerala

Candle stands, spoons and bowls made of wood from Kerala

Clicked on a busy shopping street in Mumbai, India – a needy boy paid to spread cheer with his balloons. It tugged at my heart to see boys his age buy balloons from him and swish them into the air merrily while this lad had no right over any one of the balloons.

Boy selling balloons

A needy boy sells balloons to make his living

This is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai, formerly known as Victoria Terminus Station, one of the finest functional railway station buildings of the world and is used by more than three million commuters every day. Designed by F W Stevens, it spawns across a 2.85 hectare area and took more than 10 years to be completed having started in 1878. The style of the architecture is Victorian Gothic Revival and is the coming together of two cultures, British architects working with Indian craftsmen to infuse Indian architectural tradition, making it unique to Mumbai, then called Bombay. The terminus remains lit beautifully from early evening till late into midnight. From the harsh light of the cameras to the soothingly lit Victoria Terminus. A mood change.

Victoria Terminus Mumbai

The beautiful Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus formerly called Victoria Terminus

I have memories linked to this photo. It is a shooting spot in Mumbai where a Hollywood movie was being filmed. The place that was teeming with actors, cameramen, makeup artists and tons of apparatus suddenly took on a bare look as the director wrapped up the filming and I couldn’t help but capture the mood of transience. I also loved the early evening sunlight streaming in.

a shooting spot in Mumbai

A shooting spot in Mumbai

This is the Heliconia Golden Torch species of flowers from India that I found in a resort in Mysore of South India. Who would have the heart to delete this photo ?

Vibrant Heliconia Torch Gold flowers from India

Vibrant Heliconia Torch Gold flowers from India

Lush green lawn grass strewn with flowers. No man made pattern this. I marvelled at the symmetry of nature when I clicked this picture fit to be made a wallpaper on smartphones.

green grass with flowers

A carpet of lush green lawn grass with flowers strewn by Nature from the nearby tree

Feels good to have made use of the photographs. Hope you all like them. Leave behind a comment, I would love to know.

Ciao !

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    • Thank you so much Marilyn Albright. That’s very encouraging. In a chat with another fellow blogger I have expressed how happy I am to be in the blogging community where there is so much goodwill and a healthy exchange of ideas. Even in disagreement there is a learning.

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