Simple Boho-look With A ‘Mix N Match’

Let me be honest. This boho-look was not created for the post, but the other way round. A casual lunch date with my husband and I put together a mix-n-match ensemble simply being rushed for time. The venue was pretty and I quite liked what I saw in the mirror as I stepped out – reasons enough for a woman to go overdrive on pictures. WordPress and all you bloggers have been so inspiring and encouraging, a blog post got created. This, in fact is the first fashion post which features an archetypal me!!

The sunlight, the greenery around and the pathway were perfect too.

boho look layered skirt hand block printed and green lace croptop

Hand block printed layered skirt teamed with green lace crop top

The layered skirt is only half-captured in the above pic, so thought of compiling this gallery. The wooden neck chain is special to me in that I bought it from a little girl who was in tears at the floating market near Cambodia. Her even more little brother was sick and the entire family bent backwards to make a sale from their tiny boat in order to buy medical aid for the ailing one. I cannot erase from my memory the look of gratitude on their faces when I paid the girl. My friends were quick to notice it and became the Samaritans; several pieces of jewelry from the family’s basket of merchandise filled our shopping bags. We smiled and they smiled as our boats moved away…….

I loved this boho-look so much, I tried it with another set of clothes on another day and achieved a similar look almost, with a change in the accessories of course and different inners.

Boho black skirt with yellow lace crop top

Hand block printed black skirt with yellow lave crop top

Boho black skirt yellow lace crop top mayabazar caravan-soul necklace

Closer look at the yellow lace crop top and the Mayabazar tribal neck chain

Flash back to an earlier post on hand-made jewelry in which I had featured the neck chain below. It could have been shown to better advantage worn with a contrast block coloured top no doubt.

Perhaps I am lazy and boho-looks come in handy, or perhaps I am extra free-spirited. But the fact is that I love them and they make me feel good and creative. A look that is too coordinated probably is not my type.

Hope you guys like the boho look. Looking forward to your comments.

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