Lextra Mouse Rugs And Coaster Rugs , Personalize Your Home And Office Spaces

If you too like me have always wanted to own a few luxurious rugs for your floors, but have put if off due to lack of appropriate space, here are a couple of options – Computer Mouse Rugs and Coaster Rugs.

Found them irresistible and have picked up a few from The Sandalwood Room. So why not make a blog out of them? And here we go.

Mouse rugs assorted , the sandalwood room

Assorted Mouse Rugs

As in most cases, ‘looks’ drew me in first followed by the soft pleasant touch of the miniature rugs. The Sandalwood Room called it functional art, the stunning colourful images coupled with a smooth computer mousing surface. No art is complete without a discussion on the science behind it. Quite impressive the Lextra Flock Textured Graphics technology that lends the Mouse Rugs and the Coaster Rugs their velvety beauty and longevity. Clearly inspired by the ancient hand-woven rugs.

Mouse Rugs assorted for your computer to match your room colour and decor, the sandalwood room

Assorted Computer Mouse Rugs to match your room colour and decor

Lextra Mouse rug with mouse richly coloured and soft textured, the sandalwood room

Richly coloured and soft textured Computer Mouse Rug with a working mouse

Lextra Flock Textured Graphics

So this technique prints without ink, I like the alliteration! It uses pre-dyed nylon fibers and water based adhesive, both combined with high voltage electricity and screen printing – seven million yarn-dyed nylon fibers are driven into intricate designs. I drew back on hearing this and am sure the thought is crossing your mind too as you read. No static electricity being emitted I was assured, thanks to the technology invented exclusively by FiberLok in Fort Collins, Colorado. And they term it ‘Ancient Beauty meets High Tech’.

Designed as they are for the computer mouse or as coaster rugs, but I can see them being multipurpose rugs. Now look at this, shall we turn it into Curio Rug ? The bottoms-up Ganesha even more endearing! Protect the tender knees of the baby Ganesha with a soft Mouse Rug!

Lextra mouse rug or curio rug , the sandalwood room

Lextra Mouse Rug or Curio Rug

Choose a rug to blend with your room colour and décor. I like to call them tiny oriental carpets and they are in a way. Taking from stunning art designs from the arts of China, Tibet, Persia and the Americas with a look and feel of luxury.

Mouse Rug : Weight  4oz Dimensions : 7.125 x 10.25 x .16 in

Coaster Rug : Weight 4oz Dimensions 5.5 x 3.5 x .16 in

Coaster rug , the sandalwood room

Coaster Rug made with Lextra Flock Textured Graphics technology

The Coaster Rugs are available in a set of four like these

Lextra Flock Textured Country Heritage Stars 4 pc coaster rugs the sandalwood room

A set of four Coaster Rugs named the Country Heritage Stars

I think the gorgeous rugs make for great gift ideas, both for homes and offices, something that will last and last, despite frequent usage, even if a little water spills out from a glass or a flower vase. The secret of that lies in them being washable.

Lets look at the Cleaning Tips

The Lextra Textured Flock Graphics are highly resistant to abrasion and can be cleaned deep down within the flock fibres. All you need is a handy and commonly available high pressure spray wand device. They tell me these are available at most car wash outlets where they are used to clean car floor mats.

  • Lay the rug flat on the ground.
  • Run a soap cycle, you could sprinkle soap water all over
  • Pass the spray wand across the entire surface of the rug several times (no, fibres will not come off).
  • Run a rinse cycle, repeating with several passes of the water through the spray wand.
  • Shake excess water off the rug.
  • Dry it by laying the rug flat on paper or cloth towels, flock fibres side up.

Will the colours run ? Will the rugs lose some of their softness and shine ? No! The manufacturers claim that the rugs can get even softer to the touch and regain their lustre and brightness with a wash. I will wait and watch though.

Alert : The rugs cannot be washed in the washing machine

Special Note: Mouse Rugs are not recommended for use with mice that use the dark field scanning technology which are intended for use on super-smooth surfaces like glass, and are unable to read irregular surfaces like textiles.

Lextra was invented over two decades ago but appears to be more relevant and useful today. It is believed that the technology produces richly textured and intensely colored brand images with far more faithful reproduction of fine design details and accurate color matching than is possible with embroidery. The Sandalwood Room tells me the company calls it ‘The Graphics people love to touch’. 

The Sandalwood Room prides itself on being the only one of its kind in Singapore. It is a boutique for those who love the finer things of life. A vast array of Home Decor merchandise sourced from across the globe line their shelves spoiling you for choice, from ethnic to classic to contemporary, every piece standing out for its exclusivity.

  • If you have liked any of these Rugs , walk in to shop and if you wish to place an order email them and The Sandalwood Room will be happy to courier your order to you.
  • Price on request. Email them at the ID below.
  • Payments are routed through PayPal.
  • All products subject to availability.
  • Give them a Facebook like here.

New Address:

The Sandalwood Room, 78 Tras Street, Singapore 079017

Phone : +65 6221 2654 / +65 9786 5896

Email: thesandalwoodroom@gmail.com

Website: http://www.thesandalwoodroom.com

Facebook : Visit The Sandalwood Room 

Some of you may already have these kind of mouse rugs and coaster rugs at home. Let me know in your comments if they have lasted , will be nice to know.

Every woman is a super-woman. Wishing you all a very Happy Womens’ Day !

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