Use Ishika Tableware Differently As Home Decor Pieces

Crockery and tableware is no more just about serving food. It’s about fine taste and your style statement. Just like our persona shines through the apparel we wear and the accessories we carry.

Laying out lovely tableware and dinnerware is also a way of making your guests feel special. Hasn’t your dining experience been enhanced with good dinnerware and crockery? Fine dining is also about what you eat out of, right?

Tableware is being so  elevated today that celebrity chefs and designers across the world are either coming out with their own line or are lending their names to some very exotic ranges. Nigella Lawson, Kylie Kwong and James Oliver work at theirs passionately. Manish Arora back in India has created a stunning range with his trademark bright colours and kitschy look.

The Sandalwood Room in Singapore has always had an eye for all things handmade and exclusive. The Ishika tableware on their shelves was very tempting to write about. The staff at the boutique tells me that many of their customers use these exquisite ceramicware beauties differently – to adorn their coffee tables or patios. Lets see what more we can do with them. Christmas is approaching and these could be good gift ideas.

Oval plates that you could serve cakes and sweets in, or let assorted fruits sit pretty in the white of the plate. Or just place them strategically against the wall for adornment. Ethnic and adding vibrancy to pastel walls – so in sync with Singapore homes.

ishika-oval-plate-with-golden-motifs, the sandalwood room

A stunning Ishika oval plate with floral motifs in gold on green

ishika-oval-plate-with-gold-filigree-work, the sandalwood room

Elegant and pretty Ishika oval plate with floral filigree motifs in gold on turquoise blue

ishika-oval-plate-with-elephants-and-motif-patterns, the sandalwood room

A collector’s item, Ishika oval plate with herb and floral motifs and playful elephants copper and gold

Ishika is a word derived from Sanskrit and  literally translates as “painter’s brush”. The motifs vouch for it, I would say – elegant and delicate. Tableware that is truly unique for discerning customers.

Round plates that come in handy to serve just about anything during festive times, or again to embellish the walls. The use of intricate patterns and elephant motifs in copper, gold and platinum etch the regal look, while the garden theme in the second image makes it light and breezy.
ishika-round-plate-with-animal-motifs, the sandalwood room ishika-round-plate-nature-inspired, the sandalwood room

The sprightly ones below are actually saucers, you can see the depression in the centre to place the cup, but The Sandalwood Room customers think that the motifs are too pretty to be hidden underneath cups! Hence the cup stands independent of its partner, as a pen holder. Some others tell me they used the cups to hold stirrers and the like. The saucers double up as wall plates once again amidst floral arrangements. How I wish I could visit their homes and take pictures!

ishika-saucer-nature-inspired, the sandalwood room ishika-saucer-with-gold-and-coloured-filigree-work, the sandalwood room ishika-saucer-with-motif, the sandalwood room

Whimsical patterns and motifs along with unique colour combinations give Ishika tableware that touch of drama, making it even contemporary. It is heartening that Ishika ceramicware measures up to international standards of low lead release.

So here are the stand-alone cups. Try placing them on a high mantel-piece for decoration or use them as holders.

A peek at the cup and the saucer ensembles. Irresistible! Drinking tea out of these cups must feel special!

Floral and herb motifs seem to be prominent and the designer’s favourite too. The use of traditional Indian designs is unmistakable in the gold, platinum and copper plated work adding elegance to the tableware.

These days crockery seems to have become the rage for gifting options, be it quarter plates, serving bowls or dessert bowls. Not just because they do not cost as much as gold and silver, but its simply due to the sheer beauty and the utility value that they stand out. Add to that a flexible budget. So then, crockery is not just a style statement, but is getting to be a collectible. Collectibles that can be found at The Sandalwood Room.

The Sandalwood Room on Tras Street, close to Tanjong Pagar, Singapore is an exclusive boutique with gifts and collectibles, ethnic fashion, jewelry, home decor and art, an eclectic mix of merchandise and an art gallery that hosts periodic exhibitions by international artists.For those with a penchant for contemporary arts and traditional crafts…this is the place to be!

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