Magical Sandalwood Can Calm And Soothe Mind And Body

The very word ‘sandalwood‘ conjures up a feeling of calm and cool, bringing back with it memories of childhood, when sandalwood paste was applied on our foreheads at an auspicious ceremony. Mothers and grandmothers applied it on certain kinds of minor wounds too after cleaning them thoroughly. And a feeling of wellness pervaded as the fragrance of the sandalwood paste wafted into the air filling our olfactory nerves. As children we thought it was a magical potion from the heaven.

Ganesha in sandalwood

Not just in temples, such sandalwood Ganeshas adorn many a working desk in India and many other countries

But yes, it is a magical potion from a different heaven. The one to whom we owe our very existence, Mother Nature. We knew as children that sandalwood is revered, with its unmistakable presence in temples, during festivals and at ceremonies. Our amazement doubled when we learned during early schooling that this magical potion is derived from a tree, the ‘sandalwood tree’. I remember vividly how an over inquisitive fellow student, or should we say precocious, wanted to know how fragrance was being added to the wood, only to be told that the wood was naturally fragrant.

We were then told of its antiseptic properties and it made sense why the paste had been applied on some of our wounds. Later in life we learnt how much more precious sandalwood is, with its healing properties as an anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic, antispasmodic, astringent, diuretic, disinfectant, emollient, expectorant, hypotensive, memory booster, sedative and a tonic substance.

This blog post is the result of a question I had posed to The Sandalwood Room team on the choice of their name. In response to that, they showed me the sandalwood tree image specially created for them and a short succinct description.

sandalwood tree, the sandalwod room

The sandalwood tree for The Sandalwood Room

Sandalwood is exotic and rare and its products precious and special. The wood of the tree is fragrant, heavy, fine-grained and retains its fragrance for decades. Gifts made of sandalwood show care, thought, style and the unspoken nature of a special relationship.

Sandalwood oil extracted from the wood has been highly valued as a fragrance for millennia across religions (for use in rituals and places of worship) and cultures (as medicine, cosmetics and fragrance). The Indian sandalwood is a threatened species indigenous to south India. Apart from its religious and cultural uses, sandalwood products are well-known to have a calming effect and are used during meditation and in aroma therapy.

And that explains how the products at The Sandalwood Room have been curated with so much care and thought, to personal styles and environment. Adding a mark of distinction. Just like the fragrance of the sandalwood that lasts for decades and is most coveted, the products of The Sandalwood Room are also sought after for their longevity and beauty of being handcrafted.

I feel like adding a note on sandalwood here to highlight why the wood is so precious. So, here goes:

The Indian sandalwood is the most highly prized to be followed by the Australian variety.

But sandalwood and its by products are becoming rare and expensive. Here is why : The trees are difficult to propagate and must grow for at least 40-80 years old to become suitable for harvesting. Specialists say 80 years is preferred – the older the tree, better the quality of the wood and its aroma. Nature has made the trees sturdy and resilient and they may live up to a good 100 years.

Oil extracted from such matured trees through steam distillation, is highly valued and used as an additive in fragrances, cosmetics, soaps (back in India, we have the popular Mysore Sandal Soap which comes highly recommended for children and the mild fragrance still lingers in my nostrils), talcum powders, incense sticks and many other life-style enhancing products. Hydro-distillation is another age-old method of distillation and is known to give even more superior quality oil.

The most precious part of the tree is the heartwood and the best heartwood comes from its roots. Older the trees, more the heartwood and better the quality of oil that can be extracted (of course the experience of the distiller and superior distillation process being a given).

The Sandalwood Room prides itself on being the only one of its kind in Singapore. I did a bit of recce around certain shopping areas of Singapore and I discovered that, yes, true to their claims, The Sandalwood Room is a boutique  with sublime inspirations of carefully selected fashion wear, jewellery, home décor and designer wear. Mostly handmade. In a lovely conservation shophouse on Tras Street,in the vibrant Tanjong Pagar district of Singapore. A boutique you can step into and linger for a respite; pause, away from the hustle and bustle of the world outside. Escape the ordinary as you step in and forget yourself.

It’s a place for those who love the finer things of life, who look for the detail, someone who goes beyond the ordinary. A place to stop by and suspend reality. Just to envelope yourself in a room full of creative possibilities in the sheer joy of shopping. Their product categories are ‪Fashion and Fashion Accessories, Jewellery,  Home Decor and Accessories, Art and Books, Gifts and Collectibles.

  • If you have liked any of the products from the store, walk in and if you wish to place an order, The Sandalwood Room will be happy to courier it to you.
  • Price on request. Email them at the ID below.
  • Payments are routed through PayPal.
  • All products subject to availability.

New Address:

The Sandalwood Room, 78 Tras Street, Singapore 079017

Landline : +65 6221 2654 / +65 9786 5896

Email: ,


Facebook : Visit The Sandalwood Room 



Ellips Hair Vitamins

Ellips Hair Vitamins – 5 options for shiny, smooth, manageable hair

A bad hair day can ruin even the best made up face and an entire day! But bad hair days are passé now. With Ellips hair vitamins, style your hair every single day the way you want it to be. Conditioning for frizzy; dry and rough; chemically treated or simply hair that tangles up and refuses to behave.

A review of this good product I was asked to try out. ELLIPS HAIR VITAMINS at Qualia Day SpaA well-appointed Spa in the heart of Kilpauk.

Ellips hair vitamins, a product of PT Kino Indonesia, – 5 variants, each one (detailed below) addressing specific issues of  hair. Fortified by Moroccan Oil, Vitamin A, C, E, Pro Vit B5, they give hair that healthy, shiny look and make it easily manageable – by forming a thin protective layer on the strands of the hair. It is a leave-on product to be applied on towel-dried hair. Select one or a combo to condition your hair suitably.

Packaging and Price (of all the variants) :

1 strip of 6 capsules : Rs 399

1 bottle of 50 capsules : Rs 2500


For initial use to assist in rejuvenating hair,  before the use of other vitamin enriched oils.

Enriched with the precious Moroccan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin A, C, E & Pro Vit. B5.

Styling hair is of tantamount importance today across all ages. We are under pressure to look our best and trendy, even with our hair. So all that colouring, curling and straightening using heat can dry the hair with the resultant split-ends. With this Ellips HAIR TREATMENT vitamin, all that damage can be diminished. It helps set broken hair and the frizz by coating every strand of the hair with its beneficial ingredients.

Experts recommend that you use this variant at least a couple of times before you move on to choose the one appropriate for your kind of hair.


Further enriches normally healthy hair and maintains hair gloss
and appearance.

Enriched with the precious Moroccan Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Vitamin A, C, E & Pro Vit. B5

Normal, healthy hair is a boon. But in the rush of todays times, pollution and wrong eating habits are wont to take a toll,  even on the healthiest of hair. This Ellips SMOOTH & SHINY hair vitamin can help nourish and moisturise your hair and bring back that shine and lustre. Do you know why hair serums and conditioners give your hair that sheen ? All hair serums and conditioners reflect light , thereby letting your hair shine, it’s that simple !!


Specially formulated oils to maintain and enhance chemically coloured hair.

Enriched with Moroccan Oil and Triple care Formulation.

It’s the in-thing today to use blonde shades for highlights or on the tips of the hair, but when the harsh sun naturally bleaches our hair, we run for cover and coverage !!

Creative and aesthetic colouring of hair can burn a hole in our pockets. Wouldn’t we do all we can, to preserve that colour for as long as we can ?

Coloured hair tends to lose its shine due to being chemically treated. We all wish it glistened as much too, right? Then, check this out.

Ellips NUTRI COLOUR hair vitamin protects your hair from the sun; helps nourish sun-damaged hair; preserves your precious hair colour and restores shine and sheen to coloured hair.

I am assuming this variant will be the most used !!!!!


Purpose formulated vitamin oils to rectify stressed, damaged or brittle hair.

Enriched with the precious Moroccan Oil, Ginseng & Honey Oils, Vitamin A, C, E & Pro Vit. B5

Silky and smooth, these two words, most often bring to mind hair and skin, in that order. Don’t we all love to run our fingers through our hair and feel that sensation ? If those with brittle, coarse hair think that is a distant dream, well, Ellips HAIR VITALITY vitamin can make it a reality. From it’s very first application, hair feels healthy and silky-smooth, due to the goodness of ginseng and honey oils.


To maintain gloss on healthy and full-bodied naturally black hair.

Enriched with the precious Moroccan Oil, Candle Nut (Kemiri) & Aloe Vera Oil, Vitamin A, C, E & Pro Vit. B5

 There are still a breed of people left in today’s world of colour who love black hair and wish to keep it that way. But like I said earlier, excess exposure to the sun can rob the hair of its black hue.

 Ellips SHINY BLACK hair vitamin will do just that, help retain your shiny black hair the way you always want it. The Candle Nut (Kemiri) oil in it does the magic. We are revealing an age-old secret to you. This candle nut (Kemiri) oil is suitable for all hair colours. It brightens and intensifies the hair’s original colour. Uber cool !

Every Ellips hair vitamin comes in this kind of capsule.

How to apply:


Cut open the capsule, squeeze the product into your palm, rub your hands together.

Apply and distribute

Apply and distribute evenly through towel-dried hair, avoiding the scalp.

Leave it in

Leave it on and let it dry naturally or style as you would normally. DO NOT RINSE.

  • One capsule for short hair                                                                                                                 
  • Two capsules for long hair.

Does not give hair the oily feel. Wash your hands thoroughly after the application.

Brownie points : I used the Hair Treatment variant and it lives up to its promise. Whats more, it added volume and bounce to my hair.

Where to buy:

Exclusively available in Chennai only at

Qualia Day Spa, Kilpauk.

Address : 68, Taylors Road, Kilpauk, Chennai 600010

Contact : +91 9043774114

A lot of skin and hair issues can be avoided with a good lifestyle, right eating habits and a dose of exercising. But then, most of us give these a miss in the daily humdrum of our lives. If your hair needs attention, you know where to turn to now. Ellips Hair Vitamins. Your feedback and reviews will be much appreciated.

Mesmereyes Makeup – Glitters and Pigments

Glitter eye-shadows for stunning eyes

Let your eyes shimmer , glow and sparkle ! Radiate warmth , look coy or be bold with these eye shadow pigments and glitters. Mesmereyes

I was recently invited to the launch of Mesmereyes range of Glitters and Pigments with each one of the colours softly whispering ‘pick me up’ ! Yes that inviting and mesmerizing they are.

Akriti Sachdev , a throbbing bundle of talent and energy introduced her line of colourful eyeshadows recently. Her love for makeup is addictive and here I am raring to dab those shades on my eye-lids. This is my collection from the studio.

These safe-to-be-used-inside-the-eye-too pigments ( the one or two glitters can be avoided though ) have been very carefully customized by Akriti keeping the current beauty and fashion trends in mind. While the Pigments are in fine powder form , the Glitters are a tad granulated.

They come in cute little containers of 1 gm priced at INR 390 each and last for months.

The artist and her team at Mesmereyes Makeup very deftly gave tutorials to every girl and woman who was willing to give it a shot ; demonstrated the method of application and out walked many a woman , eyes beautified.

All you need are the colours of your choice , an eyeshadow primer , a fluffy brush ( for the crease ) , a flat brush to dab on the Pigments and Glitters ; an angular brush to highlight your eyeliner with these colours , or if you decide to line your lower eyelid with a hint of the Mesmereyes hues.

Take on the world with this combination shade

Aura + Fairy Tale

Team this Galaxy shade with just about any hued outfit


Flaunt your blacks , browns , golds and beiges with this strikingly bold Jade shade


Yes , add drama with this glam shade to any of your outfits , Indian or Western

Drama Queen + Bollywood

Greys , golds , blacks and amber tones with this deep Midnight Sky shade

Midnight Sky

Another versatile shade to go with any colour of your outfits

Glitz 2

While the Pigments are just dabbed on over your primed eyelids , the Glitters need a dash of a specially formulated glue that is completely safe and easily removable. Buy a small tube from the Mesmereyes Makeup studio.

What I love about these pigments are that they are versatile. Use the nude and the lighter shades as highlighters for your cheekbones , lips , neck , shoulders or arms ! Isnt that cool ?

And if you need to add colour to your life , find it all at :

mesmereyes , , email :


Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara

Add volume , length and drama to your eyes

Beautiful eyes , every woman’s dream and most of us go all out to accentuate the eyes we have been born with , be they bright , big and beautiful or small and dull. And for both , two instant pick-me-ups are mascara and the kohl or kajal.

This Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara is my most coveted cosmetic now , for the results it gives. I chanced upon this amazing mascara in Mumbai at a mall. Inglot brand has been on my mind for long , they shut shop in Chennai some time back but you can get it online. False eye lashes have also been on my list and I walked into this Inglot outlet looking for them. The sales girl quickly saw that I was ill at ease , just watching her demonstrate the method to fixate the false lashes with the glue et al. She went on to swish this mascara , telling me how close using this could get to the false eye lash effect. A couple of sweeps on my lashes and I was willing to pay for it.

So yes , this Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara has been most satisfying ! I have used several other brands , but none can beat this so far.

  • With it’s perfectly black intense colour and clump-free formula , it gives that feel of volume and length.
  • The brush is well designed to reach the roots of the lashes , combing through gently as you sweep it along the lashes.
  • It is smudge-proof but not water-resistant ( thankfully ) and can be easily removed with a makeup remover. I am one of those that use Johnson’s baby oil to remove any form of makeup , even if it means an extra round of cleansing.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Not tested on animals
  • Compact packing

I make it a point to say a few words about any product’s manufacturer to give credence to the product’s claims and let my readers judge for themselves. Inglot is a reputed Poland company that has made a mark in the cosmetics industry with the latest scientific technology married to high quality ingredients. Inglot works with world-renowned makeup artistes and colour consultants to bring to the market the very best cosmetics in colours and texture.

To sum it with the specifics :

♦ Brand – Inglot

♦ Quantity – 12 ml

♦ Price – INR 850

♦ Shade – Black

♦ Worth – 10/10

I know a lot of women who still have reservations about using mascara , in the assumption that it is harmful to the eye-lashes. Allow me to clear the misconceptions and offer a few tips.

Mascara per se does not damage the eye-lashes but improper care before and after mascara application does. Will come to the tips later. Cosmetics manufacturers are under strict vigilance now the world over and most are careful and they do use ingredients that are less harmful than earlier times.

Mascaras come in two variants , regular and water-proof. Both can dry the lashes , so it is wise to choose those types that contain conditioners or moisturizers. There are two-step mascaras available that comprise of a base conditioner as the first step and a pigmented mascara for the second step. Not all brands have these , you will have to look around.

You can also buy an eye-lash serum and apply that as base coat. Inglot has one such. Some cosmetics brands have come up with products like lash building primers and lash plumping serums.

Water-proof mascaras are to be used sparingly , for special occasions like weddings etc or if you HAVE to wear mascara for a swimming pool party !!!! Or if you are an actor and have a rain dance to do or cry for a scene , but then there are professional makeup artists to take care of that ! They contain a chemical called dimethicone copolyol that helps in adhering the product in wet or humid conditions. So decide for yourself.

By the way , the shelf life of mascaras is 4 months max. Chuck it thereafter and buy a new one !

To get the best out of your mascara and keep your lashes safe and healthy :

Avoid applying too thick or several coats of mascara. Two is fine.

Let dry between coats.

Apply from roots to the tips to get a uniform look.

Avoid starting from the bottom lashes , product may come on too thick , making the lower lashes too dark and unnatural.

Avoid using too light or too dark a shade for your complexion.

Avoid blinking eyes too hard soon after application , it will cause smudging. Apply mascara last.

Always curl your lashes before applying mascara , curling them after application may cause them to break.

Must , must , must : Remove mascara before going to bed at night. Keeping it overnight will make the lashes dry and brittle and break them. You may also catch infections.

Use small , gentle motions while removing mascara or any eye makeup. Don’t tug , pull or rub eye area.

Use gentle hypoallergenic eye make-up removers to remove your eye makeup.

Please , please don’t share mascara.

Toss your tube of mascara out after the 4th month of opening it.

Allow your eyes occasional breaks from mascara , you are after all coating them.

We all love mascara and the way it adds drama to our eyes. But use it wisely to keep eye-lashes healthy and safe.

Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara – loving it !



CERNOR XO Cream , trusted eye-cream to banish under-eye dark circles

CERNOR XO cream does what it claims. Lightens under-eye dark circles

Cernor XO Cream

Dark under-eye circles most certainly mar an otherwise pretty or handsome face. These circles or shadows under the eyes afflict most of us at some point or the other in our lives. For some they can be chronic , which could be genetic. For such , concealers are the only option. In some others , dark under-eye circles are a result of allergies , fatigue , stress , lack of sleep , consumption of alcohol , exposure to sun , ageing , trauma in the form of invasive medical procedures and certain drugs or smoking. For the latter , help is at hand in the form of CERNOR XO cream.

Why dark circles at all ?

Because the skin around the eyes , the peri-orbital skin is thinner , 0.5 mm as compared to 2 mm on most of the rest of our bodies. Hence , the blood vessels show more clearly than anywhere else. Now , our skin normally lets only blue/violet light pass through it – only blue light is reflected and therefore , the tiny veins look bluish.

So now you know those dark , bluish circles are caused by light being reflected back through thin skin. And when due to stress , fatigue , lack of sleep , allergies and the like , the tiny veins tend to enlarge under pressure and sometimes leak ( not a serious condition normally which is also temporary) , they accentuate the dark tint.

CERNOR XO cream is developed exclusively by Auriga International , reputed for the latest dermato-cosmetic know-how , to combat dark circles under the eyes. However , it is important at all times to consult a medical expert specialized in dermatology before starting any application.

Cernor XO cream in a tube

Cernor XO cream in a tube

Benefits of CERNOR XO cream:

  • Reduces/lightens dark circles under the eyes
  • Strengthens capillary walls
  • Eliminates the effects of shadows under the eyes through light reflection effect

Composition :

  • Vitamin K oxide

How does CERNOR XO cream work ?

  • CERNOR XO’s star ingredient Vitamin K oxide helps in strengthening and protecting the capillary walls of the skin under the eyes making them more impermeable , and hence avoid leaking.
  • It also helps in shrinking enlarged veins to their original size. Additionally the cream contains light reflecting minerals that minimise the bluish tint.
  • Vitamin K oxide is also believed to help increase elasticity of the skin , making it supple and giving it a firmer appearance.
  • The nanosomes present in the vitamin aid in effective delivery of active ingredients of the vitamins and sun-protection compounds to deeper layers of the skin.
  • Vitamin K oxide is also known to have a curative action and can smoothen out fine wrinkles around the eyes.

Method of use :

  • Dab a small quantity of the cream gently under your eyes with your ring finger and tap lightly till it is fully absorbed. ( As a personal choice , I extend it to my upper lids too ) . Do not massage
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Apply on damp skin preferably morning and at bedtime.

A 10 ml tube costs INR 1800 approximately.

We have now seen dark circles are not an emergency , yet the very appearance of those can stunt one’s confidence. While medicated or cosmetic applications are a handy remedy , good lifestyle is a better tool to keep them at bay. And that boils down to right eating , right exercising and good sleeping habits. Let me take you back to my earlier article on the ABC Miracle Juice that helps greatly in rejuvenating tired eyes and adding a dash of radiance to them.

Consult your dermatologist for this product , CERNOR XO . It’s always advisable to cultivate a derma specialist just like we all have our family physicians . If you do decide to use it , I would still recommend ( as would a dermato-cosmetologist ) using a good sunscreen before stepping out into the sun.

This product has helped me a lot. I would like to know if any others out there have benefitted from it too.





Fight Pigmentation and Acne with Ahaglow and Tone n glo

Skin Rejuvenators

I have found two magical face wash gels to combat pigmentation and rejuvenate my skin , Tone n glo and Ahaglow.

Ahaglow and Tone n glo

Back then , I was fighting a long drawn out war against pigmentation and was in the stage of giving up when I was introduced to this holistic , no-nonsense dermatologist Dr Muralidhar Rajagopal from Chennai , India. My face had maps , the pigmentation was so bad. This doctor put me at ease with an assurance to rid me of the dark patches or at least to lighten them in about two months. I didn’t ask for the sky , after all that I had gone through , lightening would be a blessing.

One of the products he prescribed was Ahaglow. I had another option , Tone n glo , just in case the former ran out of stock. And trust me , they are twins. If you find me waxing eloquent about these two face washes , it clearly goes to show how effective they are ! ( I plan to review the other equally magical products he prescribed soon ).

Their claim to fame lie in :

  • Rejuvenating the skin by encouraging the shedding of old and dead skin cells
  • Reducing the number of superficial wrinkles
  • Improving skin texture and tone
  • Unblocking and cleansing the pores

Well , Ahaglow and Tone n glo did more than had been promised – to my skin. I would alternate between the two periodically and they gave my skin a brightness like never before. A week into using Aha Glow , I could see the difference. Not a day passes now without using one of the two and at any given point in time , there are two tubes at home. The other being used by my son. He has acne-prone skin and these two products do wonder to his skin as well.

So what makes these products so effective ? Their active ingredients :

  • Aloe Vera………….5% w/w
  • Glycolic Acid ……1.5% w/w
  • Vitamin E………0.10% w/w and a gel base.

A refresher on the benefits of each of the above :

Aloe Vera :

This succulent plant species is manna from the heaven to skin. Medicinally and cosmetically ours to ageless skin. I have potted plants of Aloe Vera in my garden and I apply natural fresh gel from its leaves on my face on alternate days. (If fresh gel is not available , then the next best thing is to use products that contain a percentage of the gel). Dry skin has flown out of the window ! That’s the biggest benefit of aloe vera , but here are some others :

  • Heals skin of several issues including insect bites
  • Improves complexion by removing dead cells
  • Reduces acne , inflammation and redness of the skin
  • Soothes sunburns and flattens stretch marks
  • Improves skin firmness and elasticity with its anti-oxidants
  • Lightens the skin
  • Acts as a natural moisturiser and provides oxygen to the skin
  • Prevents and lightens under-eye dark circles

Glycolic Acid :

Glycolic Acid is a natural ingredient derived from sugar cane. It is also made synthetically and used increasingly in skin care and anti-aging treatments. It comes from the family of alpha-hydroxy acids and has an excellent capacity to penetrate the skin. This is how it works : on application , glycolic acid reacts with the upper layer of the epidermis and weakens the lipids that hold dead skin cells together , thereby dissolving them to make place for new live cells. And that , exfoliation is the mother of all the perks of glycolic acid. What follows naturally are these :

  • Improves skin’s appearance and texture
  • Reduces wrinkles , acne scars , age-spots and hyper pigmentation
  • Smoothens skin

Glycolic acid is a very safe product with minimal side-effects. However , it is best to test your skin’s sensitivity to the fruit acid. It is used in facial peels and treatments by dermatologists.

A sunscreen is a must anyway , especially so after any treatment that uses glycolic acid actively.

Vitamin E :

We have all been told Vitamin E is good for the skin , but not many know how exactly it works. For beginners , it’s a powerful , anti-soluble antioxidant that protects and repairs our skin. An antioxidant is an agent that helps neutralise the effect of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that attack collagen and other cells and cause several health issues , in this case drying of the skin , making it flaky and causing fine lines.

  • Vitamin E neutralises free radicals
  • Prevents cellular damage

So , packed with these three powerful ingredients , Ahaglow and Tone n glo are wonder products for those with dull skin or pigmentation. Squeeze out a small quantity of the gel on to your palm , crush the milli capsules and smear the gel all over your wet face and neck , massaging gently in upward circles for a few seconds. Wash it off with clear water and there you have squeaky clean skin.

Some skins like mine will need moisturizer after using these face washes. I love pampering my skin anyway.

These paraben-free ( parabens are a class of preservatives that can be avoided ) face wash gels are available across the counter in medical stores and do not need a prescription.

Good , problem free skin is a boon , but problematic skin can be tackled too , with the right products and a lot of patience. You have to be lucky to meet with the right dermatologist too ! I spend a lot of time researching for safe , holistic skin care and then hold on to them for dear life!

After Ahaglow and Tone n glo , more coming soon on other products. Till then , wishing you beautiful moments ( pun intended ) !

Do you want to know how to make your skin radiant from within? Read here  for a miracke drink :

The ABC of Radiant Skin

The Secret of Glowing Radiant Skin – Apple , Beetroot and Carrot

Apples , Beetroots and Carrots and your miracle drink is ready to make your skin glow , free it of pimples and blemishes and slow down ageing of the skin.

ABC drink

The Miracle Drink


Researchers claim that this Miracle Drink is a gift of nature. It is ! Enough has been said and written on the multitudinous benefits of this magical ABC drink . But here I am , in flesh and blood who has gained from the miracle of it all. And I write this , even as I sip on my glass of the potion ! While it has an array of health benefits to its credit , I am touching upon what wonders it did to my skin !

Let me admit , I have dull skin and have spent fortunes on lotions and creams that promised brightening of the skin. Burnt holes in my pockets ! But my skin continued to appear dull , except for those few hours of medicated/cosmetic applications.

And then came the saviour. My son , who trains for physical fitness with expert trainer Alkhas Joseph came home one day with the recipe of this ABC drink. That was the first time I made it and went haywire with proportions – got enough drink for 2 instead of 1 ! Unsure of its taste , took a sip hesitantly , it tasted alright. Had a glass of it every time I blended the juice for sonny boy.

Apple , beetroot , carrot miracle drink

The goodness of ABC drink or Miracle Drink with apple , beetroot and carrot

And the compliments started coming. Compliments of a bright , glowing skin. One went ahead and asked me if I was wearing a skin brightener. I said , no , I was not wearing , but had ingested one ! But the ace comment came when my dermatologist asked me if I was wearing makeup !! Voila !

Eyes and Beauty are wedded forever. Eyes are what strike first when we meet someone , not the nose , not the mouth. Let this drink work its magic on your eyes too. It can soothe dry eyes from those long hours of computer use , eliminate redness and tiredness.

A few facts for those not familiar : The Miracle drink was introduced by the Chinese.

  •  A simple to make drink. All it takes is a juicer or blender , apples , carrots and beetroots , in equal proportions for best results. Add lime if you wish.
  • Keep the skins intact while juicing and consume immediately , without storing.
  • The power of antioxidants and nutrients packed in two vegetables and one fruit.
  • Apples – Vitamins A , B1 , B2 , B6 , C , E , K , Folate , Niacin , Zinc , Copper , Magnesium , Potassium , Phosphorus , Iron , Calcium , Sodium and Manganese along with the dietary fibres.
  • Carrots – Vitamins A , B1 , B2 , B3 , B6 , C , E , K , Folate , Niacin and Pantothenic Acid along with minerals like Potassium , Calcium , Phosphorus , magnesium and Selenium. And of course the most important beta-carotene.
  • Beetroots – Vitamins A , C , B-complex , Potassium , Iron , Manganese and Copper. Your heart’s best friend !

Sip on it once a day , twice for even better results. Experts suggest having it on an empty stomach , but works well otherwise too.

Those hooked on to this drink , will you agree with me ? Others , want to give it a shot ? Do share the marvellous drink benefits to your folks , spread beauty and happiness !