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Ethnic Stool Furniture for any room or every room

Bringing art into everyday life , the tagline says it all. Mural Aura home decor products carry a distinct style of the Kerala mural art , a rich tradition of painting dating back to the 9th century CE when the art was patronised by the royalty on walls of temples and palaces. Click here to read more about the beauty of the art form from my earlier post.

Mural Aura and many others from the current generation of artists have made access of this art form to the common man easier by making it affordable , in keeping with the times and preserving the art form at the same time. In the past , it was a privilege enjoyed by the royalty or the nobility only.

Buddy stools 

Mural Aura seems to have redefined the meaning of buddy stools ! Buddy stools are no longer a synonym for seating stools , you can now place them anywhere in any of your rooms as side-tables , a companion to seaters , a buddy to the seaters ! Google buddy stools and find Mural Aura.

Mural Aura buddy stool Ganesha

Mural Aura Buddy Stool with Ganesha in a turban

Simple sofa seaters with a buddy stool for demonstration.

Mural Aura Buddy Stool

Mural Aura Buddy Stool

The buddy stool in the picture above , and in the one below , carries an image that is the artist’s imagination in bringing together the male and the female energies by juxtaposing the two faces , the green for male and orange for female.

Mural Aura buddy stool male female

Mural Aura Buddy Stool , the male and female energies

Buying this in a pair makes sense – if the above picture is that of conjoining male and female energies , the following one illustrates the two images as two entities , yet complimenting each other. Kathakali faces with male and female attire. Kathakali is yet another traditional art form that originated in Kerala , this time a form of dance and the tenets laid down for the art allow for only male dancers. But just like every other art is subject to metamorphosis in the passage of time , so has this one and female dancers are gaining acceptance.

Mural Aura buddy stools kathakali faces

Mural Aura Buddy Stools with Kathakali faces

We now move a tad away from the typical Kerala mural art subjects and work on a folk theme , that of a Rajasthani woman , churning butter. Rajasthan is India’s largest state by area and borders the northwest part of the country.

Mural Aura buddy stool rajasthani woman

Mural Aura Buddy Stool with Rajasthani folk theme

Buddy stools specifications

Material : Carved from MDF – medium density fibreboard and softwood , they are given a base protective coat and painted. The picture is encased within a 1 mm glass and secured by a fibre ring with adhesive , making it safe and sturdy. The picture within is a digital reprint on canvas , from a high resolution scan of the original painting.

Dimensions : 16″ in height & 12″ in diameter.

Price : Rs 2500 ( about 36 Euros )

The buddy stools can be customised , can contain an original handpainted mural for a corresponding price. 

Great idea to buy a few buddy stools for a home. True to their nomenclature , move them around to change the decor of the rooms. Pair them , create a theme or just play around.

Mural Aura’s buddy stools are home-decor-buddies.

The Artists

Mural Aura

#73 Venkatakrishna Road
Raja Annamalai Puram
Chennai – 600028

Tamil Nadu , India
Tel : +91 95000 44334 / +91 95000 55715

Orange Glory , Colour of India – Photo Challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?.”

Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?“>

Orange , The Colour of India 

Orange is sensational , orange is symbolic , orange is not just a decorative colour in India , but is woven into our fabric of religion and culture. It is the colour of the enlightened , it is the colour of the ascetics , it is also the colour of the fashion loving generation. There is no dearth of orange in our everyday living , as we are wont to term it and we dont have to go looking for the colour in India. Here are a few pictures to annotate that and by the way , I love the colour. Who doesnt ?

And here is a little boy , after a ritual , innocence personified as he stands in front of the image carved in stone of our Hindu deity Lord Hanuman in orange. For those of you interested in Hindu mythology and more about Hanuman , you can look for our epic books The Ramayana and The Mahabharata. This picture was taken in a temple in Nuggikeri on the outskirts of Dharwad.

Hindu deity Hanuman in orange

Hindu deity Hanuman in orange

If we talk about our deities , then our lambent lamps ( diyas ) cannot be far behind. The warm orange glow of lamps lit during Diwali , the festival of lights brighten our homes in the months of September or October.

Warm orange glow of the diyas

Warm orange glow of the diyas

This was sheer serendipity , just when I had planned my post in response to the Orange photo challenge , to find this spattering of orange on my way to work this morning. I have no idea what the statuettes signify , but as I said they came just in time. At the gates of VGP , an amusement resort in Chennai.

Orange for fun

Orange for fun at VGP Chennai

Our villages and cities alike show fondness for the colour , very evident in this city-woman dressed as a village belle in an endearing shade of orange.

Traditional saree Orange

As I said the colour of the enlightened and the ascetics is clearly illustrated in the saffron colour robes of our Guru Sri Sai Baba.

Sai Baba in saffron orange robes

Sai Baba in saffron orange robes

Even some of our foods are orange in colour. These are Jalebis , a yummy sweetmeat of our country.

Jalebis , dripping sugar and dipped orange

Jalebis , dripping sugar and dipped orange

And finally , the orange of the dusk is for all of us , every land , every age ! Wish I could go back in time to my childhood to play in the mud and yet not mind the dirty feet or the sneezes from all the dust.

The Orange of the dusk

The Orange of the dusk

Leave the Gym Resolutioners Alone

There are also the Monday to Wednesday resolutioners , so the serious gymmers have the gym to themselves for the rest of the week. Anyways the committed ones will always work through the most crowded of the spaces.

Sass & Balderdash

We’ve all seen them. There could be one next to you right now on the treadmill holding on for dear life and hiking up a level 15 incline. You may have spotted one inquisitively eying a BOSU ball, wondering what manner of cruel and unusual punishment a semi-circle could possibly deliver. They’re the Resolutioners who have taken your gym by storm this January to get started on their weight loss and fitness goals, and they haven’t received the warmest of welcomes.

I used to be a Resolutioner. In fact, I can say with confidence that “losing weight” or “eating better” was probably my staple resolution from the year 2003 through 2011. When it comes to my New Year’s resolutions, it was probably only surpassed in frequency by “This year I’m going to have a boyfriend,” or “This year I’m committing to not being so quiet and weird.”

I never stuck to it. I’d show up to the…

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#Espresso , my sleeping pill ?

One of those unusual past 10 pm nights when I was all geared up to watch an interesting and most recommended movie with my significant other ! Ha ha , unusual as in I dont relish watching movies on the small screen. But something was overtaking me as I tucked my feet up in my favourite sofa. Yes , I got a hint of it and walked to my kitchen to make myself an espresso shot , my past experience not holding. The aroma of the coffee filled my small kitchen and my olfactory senses told me I was in for a bit of that wonderful coffee luxury. Ten minutes after I had emptied my cup , ” that something overtaking me feeling ” did its job well ! I gave up , walked to my bedroom with a “sorry” hug to my significant other and fell into dreamworld in no time.

A few months ago , after an interesting evening of lovely conversations with a coffee addict friend , we both had shots of #Espresso and was warned by the friend since I ordered a double shot. We decided to see who would stay awake for how long and got home. It took me exactly twenty minutes after i reached home and change to fall asleep and I messaged a sleepy goodnight to my friend !

So is my thought line ( lane )  controlling the power of coffee ? Has it happened to others too ? Googling such behaviour didnt help find an answer. Just curious ( not worried , a double whammy to savour that magic potion and yet embrace sweet sleep ) , so share your views.espresso-coffee