Exquisite Handmade Jewelry That Makes A Style Statement

Handmade and hand-knotted. This fashion jewelry looked different. It could be worn ethnic or Boho style. I was excited, it was just right for me at that moment, the Charakkam line from Mayabazar.

Exquisite handmade necklace from Mayabazar, The Sandalwood Room

Exquisite handmade necklace – Zarina

There was this Literary Festival scheduled in my city and I was on a shopping spree to buy clothes and accessories, appropriate for the Lit Fest. So on my list were linen, khadi, cottons and hand-loom fabrics ; handmade accessories to go with the outfits. No, I was not being wannabe, I simply wished to blend into the ambience. I have always admired artists of all kinds and the manner in which they bring creativity even in the clothes they wear, and its nice to emulate once in a while those that you admire.

I had listed a few stores for my shopping and headed to The Sandalwood Room first as I was brunching on Tras Street. That is something I would like to write about some day, my fun day out on Tras Street. And this handmade, hand knotted jewelry caught my eye immediately in The Sandalwood Room. I wanted to grab all of them, those stunning works of art. One can always tell merely at the first glance sometimes, that tremendous thought and care has gone into designing and crafting certain items. Now look at this gorgeous necklace.

Some may think it’s too bright, but it’s just right for me. I love celebrating colours.

Exquisite handmade jewellery plume tatillone from Mayabazar, The Sandalwood Room

The Plume Tatillone necklace

Seeing my clearly palpable excitement, Jayashree the promoter of the store fell into step with me and explained what this handmade jewelry is all about.

Charakkam is the dexterous art of hand knotting thread, weaving and encrusting into them brass, semi-precious uncut stones and metals to create stunning designs that make a statement. The threads are of either vegetable-dyed silk yarn, or cotton and each style has 24 colour options. The artisans use a mini loom known as the Charak (spinning wheel) to produce the threads, from where the jewelry gets its name. The art took birth at a place named Sultanpur in India.

Watch this video for a glimpse into the art’s technique

Some exotic neck jewelry that can be teamed with casual or party wear.

Exquisite handmade jewellery nefertiti from mayabazar, the sandalwood room

The Nefertiti necklace


Exquisite handmade jewellery Cappadocia from mayabazar, The Sandalwood Room

The Cappadocia necklace

Mayabazar, has carved for itself a niche in the world of handcrafted jewelry and accessories,  producing extraordinary pieces of choker necklaces, anklets and bracelets. For those women that want to stand out and have a story to tell. And I knew why The Sandalwood Room took pride in showcasing this exquisite handmade Charakkam jewelry from Mayabazar

Exquisite handmade bracelets, The Sandalwood Room

The handmade bracelet collection

Exquisite handmade jewellery Unbound Crown from mayabazar, The Sandalwood Room

The Unbound Crown necklace

In reviving a dying crafts-form and working with grass root level artisans, Mayabazar has taken it to a different level by infusing modern designs into the traditional art form. Particularly laudable is their effort in sensitizing and educating buyers and consumers to the nuances of the craft and in converting imperfections into unique statements.

This stunning long neck chain is the handiwork of the Lambani tribe of gypsy women.

Exquisite handmade jewellery Caravan Soul from mayabazar, The Sandalwood Room

The Caravan Soul neck-chain

At the heart of it all is another noble gesture, that of employing and empowering women, offering them opportunities in education , savings, family planning and health.

Exquisite handmade jewellery Kadambari from mayabazar, The Sandalwood Room

The Kadambari neck-chain

Jayashree after narrating the interesting story of Charakkam jewelry from Mayabazar signed off and now I was faced with the task of having to make choices and that was hard, let me tell you. I picked up a couple of pieces but made a mental note of a few others for a later date. I was eager to don the neck pieces I bought. It felt good that in buying some ‘chic’ for myself, I was also contributing to a craft that empowered women.

If you are looking for this exclusive exquisite handmade jewelry in Singapore, it is available only at The Sandalwood Room.

The Sandalwood Room prides itself on being the only one of its kind in Singapore. It is a boutique for those who love the finer things of life.

  • If you have liked any of these products , walk in and if you wish to place an order, The Sandalwood Room will be happy to courier it to you.
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Why You Can Find Convenience, Art and Elegance In Hand-made Drawstring Bags

A hand made gift elicits a wider and warmer smile almost always. And the recipient feels special. Rightfully so. Because it immediately translates into a lot of thought and care behind the gifting.

I was at the launch of hand-crafted hand bags at The Sandalwood Room and fell into conversation with the invitees. I love hand made products myself, but talking to the men AND women at the launch, got these responses to “why do you prefer ‘hand made’ over ‘mass-produced’”.

One of a kind

Specially designed

Original art


Recycled, so environment friendly

Encourage handicrafts

Support artisans

More to a product. There is love, creativity and uniqueness and it shows.

Speaks of your personality through the choice you have made.

True that. In keeping with it, I have featured a few hand crafted draw string bags from The Sandalwood Room. In India they are called Potli bags. All of them tell a tale of labour, finesse and creativity. I find them handy, convenient and elegant. They have enough room for a woman’s must-haves ; whats more important is that they are kind of hands-free. Just sling them around your forearm and you are good to go.

A stunning evening bag in red woven fabric, embellished with white bead work. The cluster of white pearl-beads adds a touch of drama and the draw strings just as pretty as the bag itself with gold coloured beads in its tassels. The inimitable kundan studs amidst the beadwork lending grandeur.

Red drawstring bag, the sandalwood room

Ethnic handmade ‘Potli’ or drawstring bags

Brocaded at the top in a deep hued velvet fabric, this bag exudes charm with zardosi embroidery work in shades of gold on its base. Tiny white beads enhancing the embroidery even further. Attention to detail is evident in the gold beads in tassels of the draw strings.

Deep purple drawstring bag, the sandalwood room

Sea green or teal is a head turner colour. So is this bag for its lovely shade and the beautiful embroidered patchwork in white and silver. Teal drawstrings with pretty tassels. Padded and lined with cotton.

Teal drawstring bag, the sandalwood roomThe aesthetically strung beads that adorn the drawstrings. Cant miss the delicately carved green beads. A sample to show how much care has gone into the fine detailing of the drawstrings in every bag.

Beads string of drawstring bag, the sandalwood room

An evening clutch in dull gold silk, embroidered in gold thread called the zardosi work, padded and lined. Magnetic buttons to snap it close and a  small inner pouch.

Gold clutch in zardosi and sequins, the sandalwood room

Benares silk is sought after by every lover of silk. An evening bag in Benares silk with raw-silk borders attached. Embroidered with white silk and silver thread, the drawstrings glisten silver. Raw silk and pearl tassels giving it a touch of class. Padded and lined with cotton for better support. The pretty pink peeping out from the insides at the top makes it so much more attractive.

White tissue drawstring bag, the sandalwood room

This bag can be both casual as well as formal. Bands of pink and red silk at the top with Tanchoi silk at the bottom. Silver embroidered flowers adding elegance. The drawstrings made of gold shaded fabric with printed silk and beads as tassels. Padded and lined with cotton and a closer look will reveal gold braid edging. Riot of colours yet very appealing.

Multicolor rawsilk drawstring bag with silver embroidery, the sandalwood room

This bag is made from two kinds of silk, Benares silk in dull gold at the top and raw silk strips underneath. The violetish blue band is embroidered zardosi style and inlaid with ‘Gota‘ gold fabric. The red silk fabric drawstrings end in tassels with gold beads capped in raw silk fabric. Padded and lined with cotton.

multicolour drawstring with gota patti, the sandalwood room

For all those lovers of nude shades. An evening bag in dull gold Benares silk. The hand-embroidery with sequins and pearls making it glamorous. Silver hued drawstrings to compliment the white pearl-beads with gold beads at the tassels. Padded and lined with cotton.

Sandalwood colour drawstring with sequins, the sandalwood room

The Sandalwood Room prides itself on being the only one of its kind in Singapore. I did a bit of recce around certain shopping areas of Singapore and I discovered that, yes, true to their claims, The Sandalwood Room is a boutique for those who love the finer things of life.

  • If you have liked any of these products , walk in and if you wish to place an order, The Sandalwood Room will be happy to courier it to you.
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Looking For Unique Christmas Gifting Ideas? Go The Hancrafted, Creative Way

This  Christmas, pick up simple and sweet handcrafted gifts. Lend Singapore a hand in making it eco-friendly.

Christmas is round the corner and here are some great shopping and gifting ideas. The smile that a gift brings to face of the gifted is worth a million dollars! And if you wish to make your gifts special, then go for the handmade range. Let your folks know that a lot of thought has gone into choosing some exclusive stuff that may not be seen around too often.

Stroll into The Sandalwood Rooms lovely and cozy ambience for your shopping. You will find something for everyone. Every item on their shelves is well curated to pamper to global tastes, each one telling you the tale of an art and its artisan from that corner of the world you so want to visit. Earthy, unique and global.

Begin with writing out a card for your loved one.

hand made cards anokhi the sandalwood room

Hand stitched notebooks from Anokhi.  Jot down shopping lists and to-do notes. Will fit snugly into the smallest of handbags.

handstitched note books anokhi the sandalwood room

Colourful palmyra leaf baskets, trays and boxes that will brighten up your living spaces

handwoven  baskets boxes trays palmyra leaf  the sandalwood room

This ceramic jar could be ideal for packing Christmas cookies, home-made chocolates and cakes.

ceramic jar blue, the sandalwood room

Tuck in your trinkets and baubles. Even a set of plain white paper napkins will look jazzed up inside these wooden boxes topped with a metal mesh lid painted to add elegance.

mesh lid wodden boxes , the sandalwood room

Chinese lanterns just right to light up homes at Christmas time. You will love the play of light as they add a dimension to the space

 Chinese lanters, the sandalwood room

Trays and coasters with zardosi work on silk and encased within glass. Bright!

decorative trays coasters silk and zardosi the sandalwood room

Trays and boxes embroidered on silk with zari, encased within glass.

decorative trays boxes silk and zardosi  the sandalwood room

Hand-knotted thread jewelry embellished with metal strands and danglers. This is an exclusive line of jewelry from Mayabazar. Traditional artisans create exquisite jewellery by hand-knotting silk and cotton yarn with metal, wooden, hand-blown glass beads and semi-precious stones using a charak or a wooden spindle.

handknotted jewelry mayabazar, the sandalwood room

These are hand-embroidered silk and cotton sling bags. Look ethnic or boho as you team them with western or Indian wear.

handembroidered silk sling bags, the sandalwood room

It’s now time to dress up the little angels at home. Kids-wear is as adorable as the tiny tots are. Pamper them with these pretty block-printed frocks , pick-me-up booties and bibs, all in comfortable cotton.

cotton frocks  block printed  the sandalwood room

baby booties block printed cotton , the sandalwood room

 handblockprinted cotton bibs, the sandalwood room

Give them soft stuffed toys to cuddle with, while you are busy getting your cakes and bakes ready.

stuffed toys cotton the sandalwood room


And finally ethnic gift bags that add a touch of class to your gifting.

decorative gift bags, the sandalwood room

  • If you loved these products and wish to place an order, TSR will be happy to courier it to you.
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Everything in The Sandalwood Room is exclusive and hand crafted. In fact, it’s the only one of it’s kind in Singapore.

The Sandalwood Room wishes you all a very Happy & Merry Christmas. We are so glad to be a part of spreading cheer to your near and dear ones.

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Five Boho-chic Looks, Mix & Match To Get Your Own Style

Is the Boho look in? When was it ever out? It is one style that will last as long as fashion does. Which means forever. The graph of this style is never steady though. It can wane and wax, but will still be the favourite of many a free-spirited, fashion-loving breed.

Boho quote

The Boho-look is one of my favourite styles. I could be wearing metal buttons all over or walking around in rugged boots, but feeling feminine, I will still. To me Bohemian Fashion Style is more of a state of mind, not just a look. It lets you

a)express yourself

b)connect with nature and the richest flavours of different cultures

c)lets you combine funky with the exotic.

So its casual, hip, ethnic and vintage in one shot. And its sexy! Explains why this look is close to so many hearts.

Add Chic to the Boho look and what you get is style and elegance. Fashion icons and Hollywood celebs Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Kate Moss and Vanessa Hudgens have given a certain freshness to the bohemian style with their glam and glitter. Indian actor Deepika Padukone flaunts the boho-chic like none other in her industry.

So I am now shopping couture in The Sandalwood Room, spoilt for choice. These four looks caught my fancy and I quickly saw that I could mix and match to my heart’s content. That is what is unique about the Anokhi, Kilol and Soma range , the staff of The Sandalwood Room tells me. I chuckled as I saw how beautifully these lines of apparel fit into my boho-style!

Comfort : The Boho style is as much about comfort as self-expression. Keep the clothing light and breezy. So wear what makes you feel good.

Don’t look too hard for the same jewelry as in the pic. The Sandalwood Room encourages you to stay unique just as they are. But I found some exciting silver jewelry that was similar.

Graceful: There is a sense of freedom in this flowy skirt and the crop top in keeping with the bohemian spirit.

boho look the sandalwood room

A flatteringly cut cotton skirt with indigo zig zag and slit crop top

Green complimenting the indigo in the skirt. Stunning.

Cut : Boho-chic for me is not always about bright colors and graphic prints. Check out this simpler bohemian look in one-tone, it’s rather the fabric and the cut that is giving the feel.

boho look - Organic khadi dress shibori scarf jacket the sandalwood room

Organic khadi dress with Shibori scarf and jacket in indigo

Hand woven organic khadi dress with indigo blue Shibori scarf and a jacket being flaunted casually. The jewelry is tribal art inspired in silver. A note about Shibori is in place here I think. Shibori is a Japanese tie-dying technique, using a variety of techniques in different shapes to make different patterns. The technique typically depends not only on the desired pattern, but the characteristics of the cloth being dyed.

Fabric : The single most important element of Bohemian clothing. Natural materials such as cotton, gauze, wool and leather mark the look.

boho look Crushed cotton skirt  red quilted jacket the sandalwood room

Crushed cotton skirt and red quilted jacket

Pale green crushed cotton skirt with bright red quilted jacket and white cropped t-blouse. The little handmade cotton buttons on the jacket add a touch of drama.

Minimalistic is the mantra in this I guess.

 Simple : Boho does not mean overdoing it. Keep it simple, this way.

boho look White shirt dress  white lace jacket  paper jewelry the sandalwood room

White shirt dress with white lace jacket

Boho is also about layering. Slip on a long body hugging inner top, layer it with a subtle white shirt-dress and top it with a delicate lace jacket and you have a style of your own. The bright two toned paper jewelry enhancing the look.

I couldn’t help but notice that most of the apparel on the shelves of The Sandalwood Room were adorned with hand block printing. Juxtaposing traditional with the contemporary, just right for the boho-chic look. I am tempted to include a small note on hand block printing, I find the prints so alluring. But more on that in my next.

Wash & Care instructions for this cotton clothing:

Indigo tends to run. Vegetable dyes are likely to bleed, but will not catch on to other clothes. Like in Singapore, if your country uses treated water, dry-cleaning for the first wash is recommended.

  • If you loved these looks and wish to place an order, TSR will be happy to courier it to you.
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  • All products subject to availability.

Everything in The Sandalwood Room is exclusive and hand crafted. In fact, its the only one of it’s kind in Singapore.

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The Sandalwood Room – Prinsep Street was good for business

Saying Thank You to Prinsep Street as we move!


We are full of memories at The Sandalwood Room. We will miss you Prinsep Street. We will come back to sip coffee at The Curious Palette, to reminisce setting shop, making friends and soon having become a sort of a landmark on the street.

Our baby steps grew into long strides because you gave us a perfect location for our business. With Bras Basah MRT station, Dhoby Ghaut, Bencoolen Street, PoMo Mall, Selegie Road and Little India as our neighbours, tourists and shoppers alike strolled into The Sandalwood Room after lunch at The Red House, or on the way to Coffee at The Curious Palette, adding more shopping bags to their already full hands. We are grateful for that!

We have enjoyed providing shopping to the lovely people of Singapore as much as hosting events that have added value to their lives. Let us take you along our memory lane…..

The Sandalwood Room was launched on 31st July 2014, with a lot of passion for artistic creations and unique craftsmanship from different cultures. For all those that love to rekindle their artistic side now and then. For shopping of a rare kind.

Extending the Horizons of Indian Classical Dance : A Talk & Film Screening by Dr Sunil Kothari

Classical dance attains a whole new perspective when seen through the eyes of a dance historian and a dance critic like the renowned Dr Sunil Kothari. This event, on 9th September, 2014, presented to our esteemed customers was a critical appreciation of the choreographic works of iconoclastic, innovative, bold and radical dancers Chandralekha (Bharatanatyam) and Kumudini Lakhia (Kathak). Dr Sunil Kothari, second from the left.

Dr Sunil Kothari at The Sandalwood Room

Art will always be close to our hearts for its ability to cross all barriers and bring people together.

Diwali Fashion Show : Celebration of Originality : Designer Sarees from Sujata Pai & Rema Kumar

A grand fashion show featuring exclusive designer sarees and festive mens’ wear on 15th Oct, 2014. Haute designs showcased by the happening real people of Singapore and stunning pieces of handpicked jewelry were the talk of the town for days after the show and the festive season. Days of sheer shopping pleasure from 8th to 21st October, 2014.

The Sandalwood Room diwali show

Fashion at The Sandalwood Room has always been something to write home about.

Book Reading and Author Speak : The Red Helmet

An intriguing title, The Red Helmet explained on 25th April 2015 at 4 pm. By the author Deepika Shetty herself, who is also a journalist and founder of the popular page Sadee Saree. On how two wheelers gave a huge economic impetus to India, along with liberating women, making them independent and mobile. The title The Red Helmet gives the scooter and the helmet a place in the period of the novel.

The Sandalwood Room The red helmet

We have always believed in the power of a woman’s caring hands to make this world a better place.

Photo Exhibition and Sale : Celebrating Real Moments

A Singapore based photographer, Kaavya Krishnan’s photography exhibition in aid of Protsahan opened on 12th June 2015 at the Sandalwood Room and attracted many an art aficionado till the 27th June. Proceeds of the exhibition were contributed to Protsahan India Foundation, an organization that uses design thinking and art innovation to transform the lives of slum and street children.

The Sandalwood Room Kaavya Krishnan

Equipping a needy child with education is opening horizons to life.

The Sandalwood Room’s First Anniversary Celebrations

The First Anniversary of any business is always a celebration of all the hard work and the passion of the team behind it all. We did it with some soul-searching, with I’M SOUL INC on 31st July 2015 – a pioneer in using assistive technologies to bring music to all, regardless of capabilities. Watch this endearing and magical dance performed to the lilting tune of Singapura by a student of I’M SOUL INC.


The Sandalwood Room and I’M SOUL INC extended a hand that reached out to many a customer that evening and beyond.

 An Award, first of its kind at The Sandalwood Room, was instituted as part of the anniversary celebrations to felicitate two glittering women of Singapore. Ms Santha Bhaskar, artistic director of Bhaskar’s Art Academy and Ms Deepika Shetty of the famed Sadee Saree,  who stand as testimony for peace, love and harmony through their individual art forms. And the award was an Amethyst Geode.

The Sandalwood Room First anniv awards

The power of appreciation gets achievers to do better and give more to this planet.

The First Anniversary was also marked by Coffee and Coffee Diamonds making it a glittering event. A world of beautiful coffee diamonds and other coloured gemstones set in unique designs in exotic shades of gold opened up the treasures of Sitaram Jewels. Three days of the sparkle of diamonds from 9th to 11th September, 2015.

The Sandalwood Room Sitaram Jewels

One of our ways of adding shine and glitter to our customers’ worlds.

Handcrafted Silver Jewelry Show : Jonaki – Nine By Thirty

Just in time for Diwali, an exclusive one day show of the Jonaki line of jewelry by Aparna Das Sadhukan’s Nine By Thirty, favourited for their ethnic look on 31st October, 2015. Sterling silver encrusted with gemstones, handstrung neck-pieces and ear-rings in stunning combinations of inimitable gemstones were the high light of the show.

Jonaki jewelry at The Sandalwood Room

Processed with Moldiv

Our journey continues as we look forward to bringing you the global best in Couture, Jewelry, Gifts, Home Décor, Art and Collectibles. We are in transit now, shop getting set, a lot of hard work going to make The Sandalwood Room the beautiful boutique our customers have been used to.

We will be back soon. Wishing you all happy festive times from all of us at The Sandalwood Room.

Email: thesandalwoodroom@gmail.com ,

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Treat High Heel Hangovers With These Tips And Stretches

Which hangover would you treat first, alcohol-induced one or the high-heel hangover? Both are equally painful!!!! We will let alcohol be for the moment though.

Adding style to the feet

Adding style to the feet

Been there, done that! That glorious time we all had the previous night, strutting around in those gorgeous high-heeled shoes was unbeatable!!! But, the ‘morning after’….. felt like our legs had been boxed and beaten! And just like ‘no-more-alcohol-for-me’ , ‘no-more-high-heels’  thoughts crept into our fogged minds, only to be washed out of memory by the end of the day.

But there is good news. Just like you don’t have to give up alcohol completely (sic), you don’t have to abandon your towering high heels either. Australian podiatrist Philip Vasyli says that rationing high-heel wearing moments can help preserve the health of your feet. In his words, “The human body was not intended to walk in high heels, so the most logical thing is to either not wear them or, better, to save them for special occasions or the weekend”.

One hour, six minutes and 48 seconds to be exact, is how long it takes for feet in high-heeled shoes to start aching, according to a recent survey by a College of Podiatry. Some very delicate darlings start wincing after just 10 minutes of wearing high heels. Some others who are oblivious to the pain while they dance and hop,  spend the whole of next morning nursing their aching feet. But we still don’t give up, do we ? Didn’t someone famous say, “if there is a problem, there has to be a solution too” ?

The answer to this problem (is it really a problem for women?) lies in being careful about the shoes you wear, how you walk (yes, yes, FORM again!!!), strengthening your leg muscles to handle high-heel wearing more efficiently and lastly treating those poor sore muscles.

You can get away with wearing tight inner wear(not really!!), tight jeans and tight blouses, but you can’t cheat your feet into tight or ill-fitting footwear. Yes, yes, those red pumps are to die for!! And the price is even better!!! But they are just a centimeter small and you still want to buy them! That one centimeter will convert itself into several inches smaller after a few minutes of wearing the footwear. Forget them, you will find better ones soon.

These are the number of muscles that we put to work when we wear high heels. Shouldn’t we keep them in order ? They have to last us a lifetime.

Anatomy of the lower leg

Anatomy of the lower leg

How your shoes fit you depends on what time of the day you buy them.

Peoples’ feet are normally smaller in the wee hours of the day and progressively get larger by the end of the day. Fluid flowing downwards into the feet through out the day will obviously swell the feet a little and hence, that is the best time to buy new footwear, if you want to avoid shoes that pinch and bruise.

How you walk with your heels is important:

Walking form is always the same, at home, at work, at parties or fitness walks. Heel first, roll then to the ball of the feet and finish with the toes. Of course, with high heels, the roll of the feet cannot be so precise, but it helps to start the tap with the heel first rather than placing the feet flat on the ground.

Check out this video from Wendy’s Lookbook

Why do we wear high heels at all?

We got to be kidding if we said “just to look taller!” We have heard time and again that long legs are sexy and why not ? They add a certain style and attitude to our personality. While we appear to have never-ending legs with wearing heels, the story happening in the inside of our legs is that the shin muscles are forced to lengthen while the calf muscles get shortened. The Achilles tendon (attaching calf to the ankle), with repeated wearing of high heels, gets shortened and inflamed. Beginning of problems!

But this blog is not about abandoning high heels ; it is about managing high heels and its accompanying woes. So here are a few things you could do to alleviate the pains.

Strengthen / condition your leg muscles before wearing high heels:

  • Stretch your calf muscles before and after wearing high heels.
  • Stand with your feet together, hands stretched out to either sides. Bend forward from your waist and as you do so, lift your leg back straight, keeping it parallel to the floor (it’s called doing a T). Hold for 10-30 seconds and repeat with the other leg.
  • Stand with feet together. Extend one leg behind you as far as you can get it, both feet firmly on the ground. Straighten the back leg, hold for 10-30 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Wall-Calf-StretchSit in the child’s pose, relaxed, with your feet tucked underneath or on the balls of your feet. Lean forward and stretch out your arms, with head in line with the spine.
  • Do a few lunges to stretch out the hips. They can get cramped when you wear heels.

Repeat these stretches soon after you get back from your event or after a little while. If it’s a night out, the next morning probably.

How many of you have worn high heels through a long evening, danced in them and ripped off your shoes in the car? And walked out from the car to your door bare feet? I have and I know balls of the feet can be killing. Here is what we could do to better manage the pain.

  • Ice Remedy : An exhausted body after a long day needs a hot bath, but feet that have become sore with high heels need a cold pack to bring down the swelling caused by long hours of wearing high heels. Place your feet in a cold tub for 15 minutes and then apply a good foot moisturizer before you crash.

Now let’s be practical. We know high heels are bad for us; that they put a lot of strain on our ankles, calves, knees and lower back. But not much in the world is going to stop us, high-heels lovers from wearing them. So, let’s get our leg muscles used to high heels.

  • Lets alternate between mid to low heels on most of the days and after that big fashionable day of those sky-scraper heels, lets take a heel holiday.
  • Wear flats, take a pedicure and stretch out those muscles.
  • Shall we stick to 1.5 or 2 inch and a quarter high heels, with wedge or cat heels for those practice days? Because that is what most podiatrists and orthopaedicians recommend for better health of our feet. Three inches is allowed occasionally, but any higher than that, we stand to risk. Higher the heel, more stylized the walk, I agree, but at the cost of our gait and the backs of our legs.
  • Thin silicone or foam pads placed inside the shoes for the balls of the feet absorb the impact and can give some relief.

Another set of exercises to calm your screaming leg muscles:

Down Dog Calf Stretch. Image source : POPSUGAR Studios

Down Dog Calf Stretch.Image source : POPSUGAR Studios

  • The downward-facing dog position is ideal for soothing the high heel hangover, since it gets the blood flowing back to normal in the legs. Stand with your feet slightly apart, bend forward till you are able to place your hands firmly on the ground. Raise your bottom towards the ceiling and hold the stretch for 10-30 seconds. Bend your right knee, shifting weight to the left leg. Hold for 10-15 seconds and then switch sides. Repeat a few times.
  • Stand with your feet slightly apart. Bend forward slowly and touch your toes. Straighten out your knees and keep the stretch for 10-30 seconds. Repeat a few times.
  • Sit down on the floor with legs stretched in front of you. Lift one leg off the ground, flex the toes and stretch them alternatively.
  • Circle with your feet starting from the ankles (not the whole leg) clock-wise and anti clock-wise, 10 times each. This will help your ankle muscles.
  • Let only your heels hang from the edge of a step of a staircase, while you support yourself holding the wall or the balustrade. Hold the stretch for 10-30 seconds, repeat a few times.
  • Now, place your feet firmly on the step of the staircase. Extend one leg in front of you on the higher step to reach your hip height. Extend your arms in front of the body, without rounding your lower back. This soothes the leg and back muscles.

Useful Tips :

Mix it up and show off your shoe collection. One day heels, next day flats, wedges on the following day, boots next and so on. This way, your feet learn to adapt to changes and will be better geared to handle high heel woes.

According to the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society, we should limit high heels to two and a quarter inches and wear them for no more than two to three hours each day. And this holds good for people all over. The Achilles tendon is under continuous stress if high heels are worn for prolonged periods and can cause a world of leg and back issues over time.

Don’t grow long toe-nails if you are a high heel addict wearing closed shoes.

Soak your feet in warm water with Epsom salts. Warm water opens up skin pores letting the minerals of Epsom salt dilate the body blood vessels, offering respite to aching feet.

Higher the heel, pointier the stilettoes, stronger the high heel hangover!

Click here for proper Walking Form.

I would love to get your feedback. I look forward to more tips from you all, it will help.

Rendezvous – Hand Crafted Jewelry at The Sandalwood Room – Jonaki – 31 October

And if someone were to show me jewelry as unique, I would grab it. So here I am at The Sandalwood Room to check out if I can get a preview of the Jonaki line of jewelry.

Jonaki show

I have this thing about hand-crafted stuff for me and my home. It makes me feel special, it makes me feel I AM UNIQUE!

The Sandalwood Room’s Jonaki show is just in time. Diwali is round the corner, parties galore and I want jewelry that is fresh and original, to go with my ‘some-completely-Indian-ethnic- outfits’  and ‘some-indo-western’.

I had jewelry on my mind when I stepped in, but a browse around The Sandalwood Room, the Great Diwali Sale had multiplied my shopping bags. Stuffed with irresistible beauties for me and my family. Feeling sort of guilty for having over-indulged, my thoughts at the billing counter were to eject some items from the heap that lay between me and the desktop. But lo and behold ! I didn’t have to – I had earned some money! I was now entitled to the Diwali vouchers that saved me a cool $100!

The Sandalwood Room Diwali Voucher

I walked out with a spring in my step and made a mental note of spreading the word around to my friends. It’s a big high  when you got a deal or a bargain that none of your friends have gotten yet.”

We were thrilled to hear this from a customer all beaming as she walked out of The Sandalwood Room , her hands shifting shopping bags from one to the other. Our Diwali vouchers are aplenty, earn as you shop – $5, $10, $15, $20, $50, $100

Coming back to the Jonaki jewelry, which is not a part of the Diwali sale. It is an exclusive pop up show hosted by The Sandalwood Room for their discerning customers. Singapore, make a note of the date:

  • 31st October, 2015
  • 11 am and 8 pm 

A fine coming together of two enterprises that are passionate about handicrafts and the handcrafted – The Sandalwood Room and Nine By Thirty. Aparna Das Sadhukan, the jeweler behind Nine By Thirty likens hand-crafted jewelry to freshly baked bread. A subtle analogy that says a lot.

Every item of Nine By Thirty  jewelry has been inspired by a story of people around the jeweler, making every piece only one of its kind, never to be replicated. Nothing at NBT is sourced out, each stunning piece of jewelry is a product of the jeweller’s creativity born out of dreaming ideas. In the artist’s own words, ” Hand-making anything is fun, there is a certain thrill I feel each time I hand-make something ”

And so the magic of her imagination gets translated into such fine and never-to-be-found-anywhere-else jewelry.

Sample these

Hand-strung green Malachite and grey Labradorite, both polished on one side and left raw on the other, with sterling silver goddess pendants a la temple jewelry style.

Jonaki jewelry at The Sandalwood Room

Gold foil covered Dholki wax beads paired with stone studded silver pendant.

Jonaki collection at The Sandalwood Room

Soothing Aquamarine, unpolished on one side and smooth on the other, hand-strung with turquoise studded Afghani silver pendant.

Jonaki collection at The Sandalwood Room

Volcanic lava and coral beads interestingly strung with vintage silver coins and Rajasthani coloured-glass studded silver pendant.

Jonaki collection at The sandalwood Room

Click here or on The Sandalwood Room button on the side-bar to your right to explore.

Located at:

76, Prinsep Street (just off Selegie Road), Singapore 188663
Phone: (65) 6883 2369 and (65) 9786 5896
Landmark – Next to Red House seafood restaurant at Prinsep Street.
Business Hours:
Monday – Friday: 11 AM – 8 PM
Saturdays: 11 AM – 2 PM 

Email: thesandalwoodroom@gmail.com ,

Website: http://www.thesandalwoodroom.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thesandalwoodroom/?fref=ts

For you Singapore, The Great Diwali Sale at The Sandalwood Room

Shop at The Sandalwood Room for some stunning gifts this Diwali!

Don’t we all love to get lucky? And sometimes you don’t have to work hard and harder for it. You just have to walk in to The Sandalwood Room! Remember that look of glee on your friend’s face ( you obviously couldn’t see your own ), when you both won a box chocolates at a local fair, as children? We would love to see that on yours now, as you shop at The Sandalwood Room. 

 Singapore folks, festive times have begun and the mood is all set to shop. For all those celebrating Diwali and everything autumnal.

Head to Prinsep Street for your Diwali shopping. The Sandalwood Room is abuzz with goodies for the festival of lights.

  • Pick up stunning home- décor pieces and give your homes a makeover.
  • Shop for gifts and surprise your loved ones.
  • And for you – ethnic, yet trendy ensembles and fashion accessories to carry off  that festive look as you go praying or partying.
  • Lanterns, candles, diyas and incense for your worship.

Welcome to The Sandalwood Room80You can team these stunning neck-pieces with ethnic wear or contemporary

IMG_7972 (1) (1)

Wear art on your hands

IMG_7948 copy

Some costume and some fine jewelry

73 (1)

Collectibles just right for the season23 (1)

Wall-decor with a difference


Make this beautiful box a store-house for your tiny treasures

47 (1)_Fotor

Light and illuminate with this wrought-iron lantern

TSR lantern

Home-decor to jazz up your rooms


Singapore is inherently a land of colours and during Diwali, people go all out to light up their homes and stores, glittering like never before. Surrounding themselves with the warm glow of the yellow light and basking in merry-making, turning it into a fantasy land.

Our gift to you this Diwali

There is an air of excitement and a heady mix of colours and textures out here at The Sandalwood Room! Browse, feel pampered and shop to your heart’s content.

And now, it is time  to bring a smile to your face. Dip into the Pot of Luck, pull out a Sandalwood Room Diwali Voucher and watch your bill dip too! You just saved some $$$$$, so do you want to shop for more? Go ahead, you could get luckier and on a roll !

A sample of The Sandalwood Room vouchers – to reward your fine taste in shopping.


Vouchers that you can redeem with your current billing or the next. Gift them to your loved ones just like that, or turn them into little Diwali gifts. Either way, see faces light up, we know how it feels to be gifted! To some, it could be serendipitous!

This is a Diwali offer. So

  • Vouchers valid till Nov 9, 2015 only
  • Redeemable only at The Sandalwood Room, 76 Prinsep Street, for their products
  • Voucher redemption on select items only
  • Resolution of any dispute will be at sole discretion of The Sandalwood Room.

About Diwali, a small note

Diwali ,  like Christmas has gained international acceptance as the season for offering prayers, shopping, partying and merry-making. It is the biggest festival for Hindus, Sikhs and Jains all over the world. While Diwali is strongly associated with Hinduism, a lot of Christians and Muslims do partake in the festivities too. Do you know why it is widely celebrated by Buddhists in Southeast Asian countries? Due to its association with the Ramayana and the underlying universal message of victory of good over evil and the triumph of light over darkness.

We are all set and we look forward to having you with us soon at The Sandalwood Room for your Diwali shopping. Till then, happy festive moments!

Find us : The Sandalwood Room, 76 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188663

Ph: (65) 6883 2369 and (65) 9786 5896

Email: thesandalwoodroom@gmail.com ,

Website: http://www.thesandalwoodroom.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thesandalwoodroom/?fref=ts


Mesmereyes Makeup – Glitters and Pigments

Glitter eye-shadows for stunning eyes

Let your eyes shimmer , glow and sparkle ! Radiate warmth , look coy or be bold with these eye shadow pigments and glitters. Mesmereyes

I was recently invited to the launch of Mesmereyes range of Glitters and Pigments with each one of the colours softly whispering ‘pick me up’ ! Yes that inviting and mesmerizing they are.

Akriti Sachdev , a throbbing bundle of talent and energy introduced her line of colourful eyeshadows recently. Her love for makeup is addictive and here I am raring to dab those shades on my eye-lids. This is my collection from the studio.

These safe-to-be-used-inside-the-eye-too pigments ( the one or two glitters can be avoided though ) have been very carefully customized by Akriti keeping the current beauty and fashion trends in mind. While the Pigments are in fine powder form , the Glitters are a tad granulated.

They come in cute little containers of 1 gm priced at INR 390 each and last for months.

The artist and her team at Mesmereyes Makeup very deftly gave tutorials to every girl and woman who was willing to give it a shot ; demonstrated the method of application and out walked many a woman , eyes beautified.

All you need are the colours of your choice , an eyeshadow primer , a fluffy brush ( for the crease ) , a flat brush to dab on the Pigments and Glitters ; an angular brush to highlight your eyeliner with these colours , or if you decide to line your lower eyelid with a hint of the Mesmereyes hues.

Take on the world with this combination shade

Aura + Fairy Tale

Team this Galaxy shade with just about any hued outfit


Flaunt your blacks , browns , golds and beiges with this strikingly bold Jade shade


Yes , add drama with this glam shade to any of your outfits , Indian or Western

Drama Queen + Bollywood

Greys , golds , blacks and amber tones with this deep Midnight Sky shade

Midnight Sky

Another versatile shade to go with any colour of your outfits

Glitz 2

While the Pigments are just dabbed on over your primed eyelids , the Glitters need a dash of a specially formulated glue that is completely safe and easily removable. Buy a small tube from the Mesmereyes Makeup studio.

What I love about these pigments are that they are versatile. Use the nude and the lighter shades as highlighters for your cheekbones , lips , neck , shoulders or arms ! Isnt that cool ?

And if you need to add colour to your life , find it all at :

mesmereyes , http://www.mesmereyesmakeup.com , email : mesmereyesmakeup@gmail.com


Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara

Add volume , length and drama to your eyes

Beautiful eyes , every woman’s dream and most of us go all out to accentuate the eyes we have been born with , be they bright , big and beautiful or small and dull. And for both , two instant pick-me-ups are mascara and the kohl or kajal.

This Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara is my most coveted cosmetic now , for the results it gives. I chanced upon this amazing mascara in Mumbai at a mall. Inglot brand has been on my mind for long , they shut shop in Chennai some time back but you can get it online. False eye lashes have also been on my list and I walked into this Inglot outlet looking for them. The sales girl quickly saw that I was ill at ease , just watching her demonstrate the method to fixate the false lashes with the glue et al. She went on to swish this mascara , telling me how close using this could get to the false eye lash effect. A couple of sweeps on my lashes and I was willing to pay for it.

So yes , this Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara has been most satisfying ! I have used several other brands , but none can beat this so far.

  • With it’s perfectly black intense colour and clump-free formula , it gives that feel of volume and length.
  • The brush is well designed to reach the roots of the lashes , combing through gently as you sweep it along the lashes.
  • It is smudge-proof but not water-resistant ( thankfully ) and can be easily removed with a makeup remover. I am one of those that use Johnson’s baby oil to remove any form of makeup , even if it means an extra round of cleansing.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Not tested on animals
  • Compact packing

I make it a point to say a few words about any product’s manufacturer to give credence to the product’s claims and let my readers judge for themselves. Inglot is a reputed Poland company that has made a mark in the cosmetics industry with the latest scientific technology married to high quality ingredients. Inglot works with world-renowned makeup artistes and colour consultants to bring to the market the very best cosmetics in colours and texture.

To sum it with the specifics :

♦ Brand – Inglot

♦ Quantity – 12 ml

♦ Price – INR 850

♦ Shade – Black

♦ Worth – 10/10

I know a lot of women who still have reservations about using mascara , in the assumption that it is harmful to the eye-lashes. Allow me to clear the misconceptions and offer a few tips.

Mascara per se does not damage the eye-lashes but improper care before and after mascara application does. Will come to the tips later. Cosmetics manufacturers are under strict vigilance now the world over and most are careful and they do use ingredients that are less harmful than earlier times.

Mascaras come in two variants , regular and water-proof. Both can dry the lashes , so it is wise to choose those types that contain conditioners or moisturizers. There are two-step mascaras available that comprise of a base conditioner as the first step and a pigmented mascara for the second step. Not all brands have these , you will have to look around.

You can also buy an eye-lash serum and apply that as base coat. Inglot has one such. Some cosmetics brands have come up with products like lash building primers and lash plumping serums.

Water-proof mascaras are to be used sparingly , for special occasions like weddings etc or if you HAVE to wear mascara for a swimming pool party !!!! Or if you are an actor and have a rain dance to do or cry for a scene , but then there are professional makeup artists to take care of that ! They contain a chemical called dimethicone copolyol that helps in adhering the product in wet or humid conditions. So decide for yourself.

By the way , the shelf life of mascaras is 4 months max. Chuck it thereafter and buy a new one !

To get the best out of your mascara and keep your lashes safe and healthy :

Avoid applying too thick or several coats of mascara. Two is fine.

Let dry between coats.

Apply from roots to the tips to get a uniform look.

Avoid starting from the bottom lashes , product may come on too thick , making the lower lashes too dark and unnatural.

Avoid using too light or too dark a shade for your complexion.

Avoid blinking eyes too hard soon after application , it will cause smudging. Apply mascara last.

Always curl your lashes before applying mascara , curling them after application may cause them to break.

Must , must , must : Remove mascara before going to bed at night. Keeping it overnight will make the lashes dry and brittle and break them. You may also catch infections.

Use small , gentle motions while removing mascara or any eye makeup. Don’t tug , pull or rub eye area.

Use gentle hypoallergenic eye make-up removers to remove your eye makeup.

Please , please don’t share mascara.

Toss your tube of mascara out after the 4th month of opening it.

Allow your eyes occasional breaks from mascara , you are after all coating them.

We all love mascara and the way it adds drama to our eyes. But use it wisely to keep eye-lashes healthy and safe.

Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara – loving it !