Zesty Bean and Almond , Peanuts and Corn

Salad in a jiffy

Green crunchy beans and almonds look yummy , but throw in the goodness of roasted peanuts and fresh corn kernels and you have a yummylicious salad. Snack on it or pair it with your favourite dish .

I am not a foodie per se , but can recognize health food miles away and Fitness being my mantra , I touch upon only those aspects of food that focus on beauty and fitness. Every ingredient of every dish has a zillion benefits and for that we have Big Daddy Google to list it all.

Beans almond salad

Rich and Yummy

Ingredients :

Beans – 100 gm , chop them to your preference

Roasted almonds – 10 to 12

Roasted peanuts – a handful

Corn kernels – 2 tablespoonful , fresh kernels best , but can make do with frozen ones

Olive oil – 1 teaspoonfuls

Salt – to taste

Lime juice – 1 teaspoonful.

Alter the proportions to suit your taste ( I use as less oil as possible )

Lets get started:

Place the chopped beans in a skillet and cover with cold water. Bring them to boil and let the beans simmer till they turn crisp-tender. Add the corn kernels and let simmer for another minute.

Heat one teaspoonful of olive oil , sauté the almonds and peanuts and then add the crunchy beans and corn.

Add salt and top it with lemon juice.

Serve it hot or cold. I prefer a cold salad.

You could add honey / bell peppers / seeds to make it more interesting. Anyone that loves to cook would agree that variations are innumerable and that’s what adds the zest and zing to cooking !

And it’s a good idea to store small quantities of nuts roasted , so they come in handy for a quick recipe.

Why this salad ?

Beans are the magic legumes , high in fiber and anti-oxidants and good for your waistline ! Yes , beans are comparable to meat , say registered nutritionists at Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Wellness Institute in Chicago. Yet , a cut in calories ! High on fiber and water content , they give you a feeling of fullness since they digest slowly , keeping you satisfied longer and added to that , low on sugar. See the magic ?

Almond is the new Power Food , nut lovers rejoice ! Nutrient –dense and delicious ! New research suggests it could help in shedding those extra kilos !

A handful of almonds and your LDL could be lowered. Almonds coupled with other nuts and seeds in general are known to improve blood lipid levels.

And that brings us to peanuts. They aid in all of the above and in addition contain high concentrations of antioxidant polyphenols. Peanuts and peanut butter come packed with nutrition and good protein , good fats , fiber and more than 30 essential vitamins and nutrients that fit perfectly into a balanced diet. More news for weight watchers , peanuts help in keeping your metabolism at its best.

As much as nuts are a nutritionist’s delight and weight-watchers dream come true , moderation is the key ! Recommended daily servings are a handful of peanuts or two tablespoons of peanut butter.

Ask me , I live by what I am writing here in this article ( in most others too ! ) and have reaped the benefits of nuts.

Corn , another rich source of antioxidants and fiber has its role to play in weight-watching.

I like to stick by simple , doable health recipes that don’t demand too much time and effort , for that’s the only way to keep a healthy diet going.

Happy munching !









The ABC of Radiant Skin

The Secret of Glowing Radiant Skin – Apple , Beetroot and Carrot

Apples , Beetroots and Carrots and your miracle drink is ready to make your skin glow , free it of pimples and blemishes and slow down ageing of the skin.

ABC drink

The Miracle Drink


Researchers claim that this Miracle Drink is a gift of nature. It is ! Enough has been said and written on the multitudinous benefits of this magical ABC drink . But here I am , in flesh and blood who has gained from the miracle of it all. And I write this , even as I sip on my glass of the potion ! While it has an array of health benefits to its credit , I am touching upon what wonders it did to my skin !

Let me admit , I have dull skin and have spent fortunes on lotions and creams that promised brightening of the skin. Burnt holes in my pockets ! But my skin continued to appear dull , except for those few hours of medicated/cosmetic applications.

And then came the saviour. My son , who trains for physical fitness with expert trainer Alkhas Joseph came home one day with the recipe of this ABC drink. That was the first time I made it and went haywire with proportions – got enough drink for 2 instead of 1 ! Unsure of its taste , took a sip hesitantly , it tasted alright. Had a glass of it every time I blended the juice for sonny boy.

Apple , beetroot , carrot miracle drink

The goodness of ABC drink or Miracle Drink with apple , beetroot and carrot

And the compliments started coming. Compliments of a bright , glowing skin. One went ahead and asked me if I was wearing a skin brightener. I said , no , I was not wearing , but had ingested one ! But the ace comment came when my dermatologist asked me if I was wearing makeup !! Voila !

Eyes and Beauty are wedded forever. Eyes are what strike first when we meet someone , not the nose , not the mouth. Let this drink work its magic on your eyes too. It can soothe dry eyes from those long hours of computer use , eliminate redness and tiredness.

A few facts for those not familiar : The Miracle drink was introduced by the Chinese.

  •  A simple to make drink. All it takes is a juicer or blender , apples , carrots and beetroots , in equal proportions for best results. Add lime if you wish.
  • Keep the skins intact while juicing and consume immediately , without storing.
  • The power of antioxidants and nutrients packed in two vegetables and one fruit.
  • Apples – Vitamins A , B1 , B2 , B6 , C , E , K , Folate , Niacin , Zinc , Copper , Magnesium , Potassium , Phosphorus , Iron , Calcium , Sodium and Manganese along with the dietary fibres.
  • Carrots – Vitamins A , B1 , B2 , B3 , B6 , C , E , K , Folate , Niacin and Pantothenic Acid along with minerals like Potassium , Calcium , Phosphorus , magnesium and Selenium. And of course the most important beta-carotene.
  • Beetroots – Vitamins A , C , B-complex , Potassium , Iron , Manganese and Copper. Your heart’s best friend !

Sip on it once a day , twice for even better results. Experts suggest having it on an empty stomach , but works well otherwise too.

Those hooked on to this drink , will you agree with me ? Others , want to give it a shot ? Do share the marvellous drink benefits to your folks , spread beauty and happiness !