Eye to eye with a Crab

The Crab Moment

Is this baby crab a shutter bug or was it attracted to my Aviator bluish violet shades ? Fancy thought ? Yes , maybe , but you will never know !

Nothing crabby

Nothing crabby

This little crab scurried out of its hole as I sat on the beach taking pictures of the sea and all else beautiful around. As I poised my phone camera to click this guy or girl , this is the pose I caught in that moment. Was I looking at the crab or was the crab looking at me ? It halted thus for several minutes , giving me ample time to get the best shot. I was too amazed for words ! It stayed in that position even after I had moved away my camera as if guarding its little home and darted back deep down in seconds after that. Doesnt it look endearing and curious ? Dont miss those eyes , that fixed gaze ! Later in moments of random browsing , got to read that recent research indicates crabs being able to distinguish a few colours and specially sensitive to violet.

Be that as it may , it was a simple , lovely moment I was caught in with a little Crustacean and it stayed in my mind for long.