Eye to eye with a Crab

The Crab Moment

Is this baby crab a shutter bug or was it attracted to my Aviator bluish violet shades ? Fancy thought ? Yes , maybe , but you will never know !

Nothing crabby

Nothing crabby

This little crab scurried out of its hole as I sat on the beach taking pictures of the sea and all else beautiful around. As I poised my phone camera to click this guy or girl , this is the pose I caught in that moment. Was I looking at the crab or was the crab looking at me ? It halted thus for several minutes , giving me ample time to get the best shot. I was too amazed for words ! It stayed in that position even after I had moved away my camera as if guarding its little home and darted back deep down in seconds after that. Doesnt it look endearing and curious ? Dont miss those eyes , that fixed gaze ! Later in moments of random browsing , got to read that recent research indicates crabs being able to distinguish a few colours and specially sensitive to violet.

Be that as it may , it was a simple , lovely moment I was caught in with a little Crustacean and it stayed in my mind for long.

5 thoughts on “Eye to eye with a Crab

  1. Great pic Weena! Remember many happy visits to the beach, digging tunnels and building castles with these little creatures scurrying about, darting sideways and vanishing into their burrows. They were there by the hundreds as the waves receded in their eternal dance on the Marina shoreline


    • Yes Jay , they usually scurry around in a hurry , probably fighting shy of the human intruders. But this one’s halting in its tracks actually compelled me to click the pic. I cant forget the way it kept staring. And thanks to smartphones , we are able to capture more and more such moments !


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