LUX 214

Crop tops with Skirt – Summer – Spring Fashion.

I like this girl’s keen sense of fashion and her eye for details. And I like her line of clothing , LUX 214. I like her grit , her determination. Lux has brought in a lot of fashion to Chennai and is a name all fashionistas like to quote in haute couture circles. She has an eye for spotting stylish wear and sources out the best of them. Lux sports style herself and true to the stylist in her , has helped many a woman reinvent her wardrobe. Sometimes bold!

We chose crop tops with skirts this week. Click here : Crop tops  to see 25 ways of wearing crop tops. They are just catching up in Chennai and no better time than summer to flaunt them.


Announce Spring / Summer with this floral print ankle length skirt teamed with a smart yellow crop top.

A dash of green complimenting the pearls at the neck to make it perfect party wear.

A dash of green and pearls complimenting the crop top to make it perfect party wear.

Its all about summer now and in this tropical weather , what better than white to stay cool ! Sporting this skirt , colourful , yet with a pastel base along with the hip white crop top would make a statement

LUX 214

Summery white crop top and pastel floral skirt


Sprinkled with blues and whites at the neck , its all set for a lunch date or a Sangeet at a wedding.

LUX 214

Blue n white neckpiece for the pristine white crop top


Now this is my favourite. Elegant , cool and hip , the white bands adding drama and the little bow a little flirtatious. A given for a romantic candlelit evening and yes I would like to listen to Jazz in the mood that this outfit has created.

black white elegane

Elegance in beige and a black-white crop top

We love the Indian touch in styles from the West , making them at once more vibrant and sensuous. India is a land of myriad hues , of diversity not seen in any other land , of festivals and celebration round the year. Little surprise then that we keep reinventing fashion to pamper our folks.

Meet the entrepreneur


@ LUX 214 , 214 TTK Road , Alwarpet , Chennai 600018 , Tamil Nadu , India.

Tel : +91 44 43132255

More trends next week. We look forward to your comments and feedback.​

Far from the Madding Crowd

spring_break-1Taking a tiny break. No , not by the sea. I just liked this image immensely. I am going to be in the bustle of a megalopolis , but yet looking forward to those moments of solitude amidst the milling crowd , the blaring music or at times the cacophony of sounds. Aint it a gift , to be able to shut out  voices and sounds and revel in a world of one’s own , to live in the fantasies that evaded you in the daily humdrum of work , duties and chores ? I can sense my distant gaze when I drift into my private space ( I am sure others can see that too ) oblivious to the small talk around , a half-smile here , a vacant look there. Thankfully , my significant half has come to accept and understand these virtual sojourns of mine and lets me be ! This is why I love to travel and if I had it my way , would be living out of suitcases. Thats not to gainsay the happiness of chatting up people , but the quick escapades are always a fillip.