Far from the Madding Crowd

spring_break-1Taking a tiny break. No , not by the sea. I just liked this image immensely. I am going to be in the bustle of a megalopolis , but yet looking forward to those moments of solitude amidst the milling crowd , the blaring music or at times the cacophony of sounds. Aint it a gift , to be able to shut out  voices and sounds and revel in a world of one’s own , to live in the fantasies that evaded you in the daily humdrum of work , duties and chores ? I can sense my distant gaze when I drift into my private space ( I am sure others can see that too ) oblivious to the small talk around , a half-smile here , a vacant look there. Thankfully , my significant half has come to accept and understand these virtual sojourns of mine and lets me be ! This is why I love to travel and if I had it my way , would be living out of suitcases. Thats not to gainsay the happiness of chatting up people , but the quick escapades are always a fillip.

Your thoughts ?

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