Boxes And Photo Frames House Treasures Of A Different Kind

Decorative square box, the sandalwood room

Decorative square box with zardosi work inlaid

Boxes and photo frames make perfect gifts round the year and there is something strikingly common between them. To me, they are both treasure houses of sorts. Boxes, of treasures that are the ‘touch and feel’ sort – some new acquisitions and some others that bring back to mind fond memories. Photo frames, cherishing within them people and places that have left an indelible mark on our minds and hearts.

Photo frames zardosi on silk, The Sandalwood Room

Photo Frames with zardosi and sequins work on raw silk

A stunning wooden box with zardosi work on deep blue raw silk. A closer look will reveal the impressions of archways intricately carved and bejewelled. Wrap your semi-precious daily wear jewelry, tuck them in the box and let it adorn your dressing table.

Decorative wooden square box, the sandalwood room

Decorative wooden square box with zardosi and sequins work inlaid

I found another similarity between boxes and photo frames. Boxes have always had an element of curiosity for most of us, right? Every time I see a box any place, I feel ‘that irresistible urge’ to unclasp it, open in anticipation of exciting, nostalgic and precious little somethings staring at me. And I, for some reason am wont to imagine that those treasures are as happy to see me as I am to set eyes upon them.

Decorative Rectangular box, the sandalwood room

Docorative rectangular box in tones of mustard with zardosi work

And that goes for photo frames too. Pop a question. Just ask ‘a who and a where’ and people and places come alive in fond narrations and discussions. So that brings to my mind another similarity. Boxes and photo frames are conversation builders, because most often they have a story to tell.

A loved one looking at you out of a photo frame is sort of romantic and enhances your mood. Add to it the decorative motifs in zardosi on raw silk and you have a work of art on your table.

Decorative photo frame, the sandalwood room

Decorative photo frames with zardosiwork on blue raw silk

Christmas has just been round the corner and so I thought it an apt time to write about boxes and photo frames. This blog post was supposed to be published before Christmas, but it’s now the after-party kind of stuff! I am sure in most homes, boxes of gifts have been exchanged and opened gleefully, frames have either been gifted or new ones placed on mantelpieces and side tables.

I couldn’t help penning down a few thoughts when I was shown these beautiful boxes and photo frames at The Sandalwood Room. I hear they are great hits in Singapore. I bought two of each, to store my gleaming cutlery and jewelry. And the photo frames as gifts, one to my daughter and the other to a friend from my college days with whom I have reconnected recently. Helping preserve memories. Its fun when you have tons of pictures that can add more life to your living spaces.

More boxes to choose from at The Sandalwood Room

Decorative square box, The sandalwood Room

Decorative square box with zardosi embroidery on purple raw silk inlaid


Decorative rectangular box, the sandalwood room

Decorative rectangular box with zardosi on red raw silk


Decorative rectangular box, The Sandalwood Room

Decorative rectangular box with zardosi motif on green raw silk


 Decorative square box, the sandalwood room

Decorative square box with zardosi and sequins work on red raw silk inlaid

Browsing and shopping at The Sandalwood Room is balmy and therapeutic. There is a certain warmth emanating from its decor. It’s probably the colours in the hand crafted goods, brights juxtaposed gently with the subtle, that play on the mind, in a way connect you to nature.

  • If you loved these products and wish to place an order, The Sandalwood Room will be happy to courier it to you.
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  • Payments are routed through PayPal.
  • All products subject to availability.

Nearly everything in The Sandalwood Room is exclusive and hand crafted. In fact, it’s the only one of it’s kind in Singapore.

The Sandalwood Room wishes you all exciting countdown to the New Year. We are so glad to be a part of spreading cheer to your near and dear ones.

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