Of Candles, Lamps And Copper Enhancing ‘Praying’

As a child I used to wonder every time a lamp was being lit before the commencement of any worship or ritual. But I never asked why. People around me made it appear like lighting the lamp was akin to pleasing God.

Have you tried praying or worshipping sans a lit lamp or a candle? I have and it feels kind of bare and disconnected. I have prayed from the seat of a car, in an elevator, in bed and from the washroom even, but it feels different and certainly more satisfying, when I light a lamp in the room of worship and pray. Of course it goes without saying that one can connect to God from wherever and whenever, but ambience does help!

And then one day as I sat watching my mother light oil lamps at worship time, the surge of positivity and energy that emanated from the warm glow of the lamp illuminated my mind too! The lit lamp had become a tool in helping me calm down, drawing me into a state of serenity and allowing my mind to connect and pray to the Higher Power. A little later in life, I figured out the energy of fire, and lamps and candles have since then become a part of my life.

A small prayer said while lighting a candle that struck me as being truly meaningful.

Hurricane lamp copper base the sandalwood room

Copper based Hurricane Lamp

O Blessed Lord, accept this burning candle as a sign of my faith and love for you.

Like this candle, I am ready to be used in your service, without asking why and to what purpose.

Even as this candle, I wish to stand in your presence to be consumed in the light and warmth of
your love.

Please hear my prayer and, if it be your will, grant my petition.
Above all, make me loyal and faithful to you in all circumstances of my life.

flower and candle floaters copper The Sandalwood Room

Copper ‘flower and candle floaters’ in different sizes

Just like we can never have enough clothes, shoes and handbags, so are most of us perennially shopping for lamps and candles. You can buy some from The Sandalwood Room like the ones in the pictures. The flower-and-the-candle-floaters caught my fancy; you may like them too. Flowers, candles and copper make it perfect holistically. If flowers and candles invoke a feeling of well-being, copper only adds to it with its healing and protective properties, being associated as the body metal. Its reddish-orangish-brownish hue only enhancing it further.

copper worship tray  Sandalwood Room,

The Worship Tray

A friend at the store put together  a copper tray and added these little copper boxes with floral patterns on the top and called it the ‘Worship Tray’. She said she would insert round candles into the boxes and give the ensemble out as a gift. Nice idea, I thought.

copper meditation bowl  Sandalwood Room

The Meditation Bowl

The Sandalwood Room calls this a meditation bowl. Sit in a quiet place, float a few flowers and candles, add a few drops of essential oils and let the soothing ambience lead you into a meditative mood.

copper flower floaters Sandalwood Room

In Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev’s own words, “You don’t need to believe in any God. It need not even be dark, the lamp need not be a visual aid, but do you notice it makes some kind of a difference? This is because the moment you light a lamp, not the flame itself but around the flame a certain etheric sphere will naturally happen.

Where there is an etheric sphere, communication will be better. Did you ever sit around a campfire in your life? If you did, you would have seen that stories told around the campfire always have the maximum impact on people. Have you noticed this? The storytellers of yore understood this – stories told around the campfire are always the most effective stories. Receptivity will be at its best.

Fire in itself is a source of enery and life. It also creates a field of energy around itself, and above all it creates the necessary atmosphere. So when you light a lamp before you start your day, it is because you want to bring the same quality into yourself.  It is symbolism; it’s a way of invoking your own inner nature”.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, the founder of Isha Foundation, is a yogi and profound mystic of our times, a visionary humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader.

And on the other side of the spectrum, we have candle light dinners ; lamps and candles decorating dinner tables at restaurants and party spaces, the mood at once turning romantic. I have also not failed to notice, just as you would have too, that we all look prettier, handsomer in the soft glow of the yellow light!!

So then what better way than prayers to bid good-bye to 2015 and ring in 2016? And what better way than to light a lamp or a candle to begin that conversation with the Higher Power? These could be some thoughtful gifts for the New Year.

The Sandalwood Room, copper tea lights

copper boxes fauna The Sandalwood Room

Copper Boxes Fauna

The Sandalwood Room, copper bowl with lid

The Sandalwood Room, Hurricane lamp with carton

The Hurricane Lamp

  • If you loved these products, walk in and if you wish to place an order, The Sandalwood Room will be happy to courier it to you.
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Nearly everything in The Sandalwood Room is exclusive and hand crafted. In fact, it’s the only one of it’s kind in Singapore.

The Sandalwood Room wishes you a very Happy New Year. We are so glad to be a part of spreading cheer to your near and dear ones.

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