Get Creative With These Home Decor Accessories – Mix n Match

New and different looks is the order of the day. We all (most of us!)want to stand out, make style statements and shine forth uniqueness in almost everything we do. It’s not as easy though – it asks for investments in time and money and aren’t we all rushed and pushed for the two?

Getting a new look with different styles in attire is quite superficial – that’s only a quarter of the battle won. It does not do much to the face which is what draws peoples’ attention and retains it, much after the colour and glamour of the clothes, or jewellery you wear, wears off. Hair can do that magic, for it instantly adds to the beauty of your face and so, rightly termed the ‘crowning glory’. I liken home decor accessories to hair. Just like different hair-dos fetch you different looks every time and add a certain newness to your style, so do home decor accessories. We cannot change the interiors of our homes, or the furnishings as often as we would like to, but we can certainly get creative and add accessories, to spruce up our homes in a way that even the cognoscenti would take note of.

Some creative ideas from The Sandalwood Room – small changes and additions to your walls and corner-spaces that will at once add colour and vibrancy to the spaces.

Decorative Hangings

tsr-customised-decorative-hangings_detachable accessories, the sandalwood room

Custom designed decorative hangings with detachable accessories

Whats special about these ? They can be custom designed. Each accessory, if you notice, is linked to the other by metal chains with hooks that can be attached, or detached. The pretty and colourful boxes in the decorative hangings double up as lamp shades, when used independently. Just detach them and place them on your beside table, in your study, or the living room for that warm, diffused glow. It lit up the worship area of a friend’s house ever so subtly, I had never thought of that!! So, play around with the cane and metal mesh balls, the stuffed toys or anything else you wish to add to the decorative hangings. Isn’t it a lot of fun getting creative, specially if we could mix and match? The pride we all take in such creations is priceless.


Decorative hangings with detachable accessories

A gallery of the detachable accessories of the decorative hangings.

The hanging box lamps are pieces of art themselves – wooden frames with fabric, glass and copper inlays. The coloured glass used in some is reminiscent of the transoms and the room dividers in the pre-50 era across almost all cultures of the world. So if you are one those who love that look, these are perfect for you. The fabrics used in some others are either silk or silk-cotton, both hand-woven, lending them a rich look. The patterned sides like the one you see below, are made of laser cut copper filigree. An amalgamation of the old and new – traditional materials and craft, yet harnessing the very modern process of laser cutting.

And now for the solo lamp shade, this is how pretty it can look. Check out the second image below for descriptions and prices.

Decorative lamp with glass and laser cut copper filigree inlay, the sandalwood room

Decorative lamp with glass and laser cut copper filigree inlay

tsr-custome-designed-lamp-shades_fotor, the sandalwood room

Custom designed lamp shades in two sizes

Customising is also applying the multi-purpose benefits of an item, just like we did above. Here is another of that genre.

The Rope Trunk

Bright and beautiful rope trunk, handwoven, with storage, the sandalwood room

Bright and beautiful rope trunk, handwoven, with storage

This burst of pink and red in the rope trunk stole my heart, an instant perk-me-up accessory. Hand-woven and handcrafted home decor accessories are always a huge draw in today’s times, so just the right one for fine taste, for getting creative. The Sandalwood Room displays here, how the rope trunk could be utilised to store your cushions, quilts or just about anything, while adorning a cozy corner.

Decorative Mirrors

In keeping with the multi-purpose theme, getting creative and customisation, find below two mirrors that do precisely that. Before we go on to the pictures, a little dwelling upon on why we have all, without an exception come to love mirrors ; I cannot envisage a room without a mirror! TBT to an older post I wrote a while ago and here is the link Mirror musings , the Illusionist , the Therapist. Mirrors are space enhancers, reflect light and sound. Take away the mirror from a room to see how bare the space appears. Mirrors even heal and elevate moods – they are used in physiotherapy too. If you wish to know more, you could read about it in my post (link above).

Long wall mirror with decorative frame and hand block print blocks inlaid, the sandalwood room

Long wall mirror with decorative frame and hand block print blocks inlaid

In the meantime, check out this beautifully framed mirror, inlaid with hand-block print blocks. Hand block printing is an ancient Indian art form that uses a hand carved teak wood block, dipped in dye and stamped by hand on cotton or silk. The design for the block is typically a traditional Indian motif. The motif is traced on  a block by a master craftsman who then chips away at the block to create a stamp. But here, the inlaid blocks are used to render the frame ethnic. The beautiful mirror reflects in turn home decor accessories at the store. And here are the specs.

Long wall mirror with decorative frame and hand block print blocks inlaid, the sandalwood room

Long wall mirror with decorative frame and hand block print blocks inlaid

A peek at the hand block print blocks.

tsr-hand-block-print-blocks-embedded-in-mirror-frame_fotor, the sandalwood room

Hand block print blocks inlaid in mirror frame

Another mirror to do the magic, to your walls and to you. This is contemporary carving in wood and painted with a distress finish. So, all you distress finish enthusiasts, jot in on your list.

Wall mounted oval mirror with a distress finish

Wall mounted oval mirror with a distress finish

Decorative Wall Hanging

Intricately carved, this decorative wall hanging is purely an indoor home decor accessory. It combines the rustic with the artistic. Gift this to a dear one and you will be remembered fondly for gifting them art.

tsr-carved-wall-hanging-2_fotor, the sandalwood room

Carved wall hanging

tsr-carved-wall-hanging_fotor, the sandalwood room

Carved wall hanging

The Sandalwood Room at Singapore has all these and more on offer till the 10th Of February, as part of their exclusive home decor accessories sale.

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The Sandalwood Room on Tras Street, close to Tanjong Pagar, Singapore is an exclusive boutique with gifts and collectibles, ethnic fashion, jewelry, home decor and art, an eclectic mix of merchandise and an art gallery that hosts periodic exhibitions by international artists.For those with a penchant for contemporary arts and traditional crafts…this is the place to be!

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