Rugs : Add Layers Of New Looks To Your Rooms As Often As You Please

The Rug : A Versatile Home Decor Accessory

The right rug is a home décor accessory like no other. It can make a room look cozy and intimate or give it a dramatic lift. Expecting guests; rushed for time, but you are rearing to give your living room a different look ?  Just throw a floor rug in the entertaining space and you are done. Now go, shower, dress up and you are ready to show off your pretty den.

The art is in choosing the right rug though. The Sandalwood Room has some very pretty and irresistible rugs on sale. Handmade, like everything else in the boutique-store. These rugs are incredibly durable and easy-care ones and are hand knotted, making them that much more exclusive and exotic. It takes several days for a weaver to complete one small rug – truly only a passionate weaver can bring out this work of art. I was amazed to read the details that go into producing hand-knotted rugs , you will value the rugs too, even higher after you read the story of the labour behind it. Click on the link provided above, you will find care instructions too.

The Classic Look

Can you resist this bright and beautiful one? Just right if your interiors and furnishings are in pastels – this rug with tribal patterns hand-woven will brighten up your room instantly.

tsr-hand knotted-rug-rose_fotor, the sandalwood room

Hand knotted rug with a classical touch

Size : 5 X 3 (ft) ; Price : 70 SGD

tsr-rug-rolled_fotor, the sandalwood room, hand knotted

Hand knotted rug, rolled up

You could probably mix and match the home decor accessories below on a fine teak wood side table to give your room a colour-coordinated look.

Rugs or dhurries as they are also called are an essential layer of home decor accessories. Carpeting is boring, rugs are exciting, for they are versatile. It’s like you wave a magic wand and your room gets a new look. Move rugs from one room to the other and keep redesigning your spaces with as little as few square feet!

The Subtle Look

Now for a neutral base. When you have a colourful space, this rug is sure to bring in a subtlety and style with its run of traditional motifs on a light toned base colour.

tsr-rug-beige-and-grey_fotor, the sandalwood room, hand knotted

Hand knotted rug in a neutral tone

Size : 6 x 4 (ft) ; Price : 80 SGD

tsr-rug-beige-grey-rolled_fotor, handknotted, the sandalwood room

Beautiful hand knotted rug in a neutral base , rolled up

A few suggestions from the wide range of table napkins at The Sandalwood Room to go with the neutral tone.

The Traditional Look

Traditional motifs like Ikat seem to be a big hit with rugs, so are geometric patterns. Modern interior designing is so much about fusion. Contemporary colour palettes have made it easier to mix and match, be it personal attire or home designs. With colours of spring, this rug is a cheer-me-up kind. If you have a sitting arrangement in your patio, spread this sprightly rug out for a closer to nature feel.

Hand knotted rug in colours of spring,the sandalwood room

Hand knotted rug in colours of spring

Size : 4 x 3 (ft) ; Price : 60 SGD

Hand knotted rug in colours of spring rolled up, the sandalwood room

Hand knotted rug in colours of spring, rolled up

Tea-cups and saucers to suit the outdoor, garden mood.

The Cottage/Country Look

A rug for a room with cottage or country decor style. Compliment it with folk art hangings, pottery and crockery, if serving your guests hot piping coffee or tea and snacks.

Hand knotted rug for a cottage look, the sandalwood room

Hand knotted rug for a cottage look

Size : 6 x 4 ; Price : 80 SGD

tsr-grey-green-red-rolled-rug_fotor hand knotted cottage look, the sandalwood room

Hand knotted rug for a cottage look

Some accessories to go with the country or cottage look. The ceramic pottery, the box lamp with laser cut copper filigree inlay and transom like glass and Palmyra leaf basket for your fruits or other knick-knacks.

The Versatile Look

This rug maybe for your bedroom, where there is less traffic – it can add an impact. The three-tone rug makes it so simple to match your bed linen and cushions with it. Place it so that the longest side is perpendicular to the bed.

tsr-rug-blue-brown-mustard_fotor hand knotted, the sandalwood room

Hand knotted rug with tribal patterns

Size : 5 x 3 (ft) ; Price : 70 SGD

tsr-rug-rolled-2_fotor in blue, brown mustard, the sandalwood room

Hand knotted rug for a cottage look

A bedside table is an absolute essential for any bedroom. You could use the pretty ceramic round box to keep safe your little jewellery as you get ready for bed. A scented candle of course to create a soft romantic mood as you wind down for the day.

The Ethnic Look

An all out ethnic look with a combination of motifs. It’s the predominant green base that probably lends the rug its ethnic look.

tsr-rug-multicolour_fotor ethnic look hand knotted, the sandalwood room

Hand knotted multi colour rug for an ethnic look

Size : 6 x 4 (ft) ; Price : 80 SGD

tsr-rug-multicoloured-rolled_fotor ethnic look, the sandalwood room

Hand knotted multi-coloured rug for an ethnic look, rolled up

Match the ethnic look with these bright home decor accessories, a cutlery box, a tissue box and an ornate multi-purpose box.

Reed Mat

Here is another interesting accessory, not a rug, but a beautiful hand-woven reed mat. Reed mats are made of plaited reed and can be found in abundance in India and Thailand. They help keep cool and when the sun is at his hottest, people in India and Thailand use them for resting in the afternoons. Its hard work plaiting these mats and the artisans amaze you with their intricacy, so much so that they can, from a distance be mistaken for finely woven fabrics. Credit to the artisans that the reed mats last and last.

Size : 6 x 3 (ft) ; Price : 160 SGD

tsr-woven-reed-mat_fotor handwoven, the sandalwood room

Handwoven reed mat

Tips On How Best To Place Rugs :

  • Perfect placement is as important as the rug itself.
  • Measure the room’s dimensions.
  • Leave at least 18 inches of bare floor exposed on all sides of the rug for best results.
  • In smaller rooms, place it to cover just the center of the room. Accessorise it with a coffee table and seating at the perimeter of the rug.
  • In a dining room, the rug must allow at least 24 inches of clearance around the table. All four legs of all the chairs can then be securely placed on the rug, even when pulled out.
  • A round rug can still provide ample working around space for a square table provided it is large enough.
  • In a bedroom, place the rug as to extend beyond the foot of the bed and not merely outline it.
  • It is best to use rug pads wherever possible to avoid slipping and sliding and to minimise wear and tear.

The Sandalwood Room at Singapore has all these and more on offer till the 10th Of February, as part of their exclusive home decor accessories sale.

  • Please drop in between 11 am and 8 pm Monday to Friday
  • 11 am to 2 pm on Saturdays (Closed for Chinese New Year on Saturday the 28th) 

The Sandalwood Room on Tras Street, close to Tanjong Pagar, Singapore is an exclusive boutique with gifts and collectibles, ethnic fashion, jewelry, home decor and art, an eclectic mix of merchandise and an art gallery that hosts periodic exhibitions by international artists.For those with a penchant for contemporary arts and traditional crafts…this is the place to be!

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