Hand-carved Vintage Door, Indian Teak – Make Your Home Special With It

Doors and doorways have fascinated most of us at one time or the other – either for the sheer beauty of the door, or the interest to know what lies behind such a work of art. If the door is carved and splendid, the world beyond and within must be magical too! There goes the child in all of us, seeking a peek at the unknown!

Yes, doors have an aesthetic role in creating an impression of what lies beyond.

This happens to me when I travel and sit by the window of a car or a coach. As houses whip by, there are always a few that catch your attention with their magnificent entrance doors, and my imagination soars. There is immediately an attempt to visualise beautifully decorated, warm cozy living spaces within the house. Term it a pass time travel activity if you will, but it’s certainly conditioned by some visits to some pretty interiors within artistic doors.

The Sandalwood Room has one such antique, carved doorway that will lend beauty and grace to your home. An intricately carved frame and two alluring shutters.

The Carved Doorway

80 year old antique hand carved door ensemble in indian teak, the sandalwood room

A majestic hand-carved front door ensemble in Indian teak, probably 80 years old

A classic Indian vintage carved doorway in Indian teak wood, with two galloping horse busts, fixed on the top at either sides, giving it a regal touch. Through all cultures across the world, horses symbolise the epic power of mind, body and spirit to rise above the ordinary as also trusting relationships. Apt, isn’t it for the doorway then?

horse bust of galloping horse supporting carved header of carved doorway

Galloping horse bust holding up the hand carved header of the carved doorway

Exquisite carving on the door header that adds a beautiful ethnic dimension to the vintage doorway, and tells the story of expert craftsmen, who must have chipped and chiselled away to produce this intricate work of art. This beautifully carved door with its frame, shutters and other embellishments is probably 75-80 years old, and Andhra Pradesh a southern state of India could be its provenance.

intricately carved header of an 80 year old vintage doorway, the sandalwood room

Intricately carved header of the 80 year old carved doorway

Doorway: W 36″ H 72″ Outer frame: W 52″ H 98″

Double shutters in Indian teak, studded with brass knobs are a part of the vintage carved doorway. They can be fixed with the sturdy iron hinges provided at either sides. Wood scores the  most in terms of visual appeal as the surface material, and it adds an organic warmth. World’s best doors are made in wood I would think.

handcrafted indian teak shutters with brass knobs, shooter bolt and handle, the sandalwood room

Handcrafted Indian teak wood shutters with brass knobs and shooter bolt and handle

Details of the brass knobs, the brass shooter bolt and handle  are in the image below. Brass has been the preferred metal in decor for centuries, and continues to hold sway even today, due to its staying power. All it needs is a wipe of polish now and then and its ready to shine and glow. Most would be unaware that the beautiful brass signifies natural good in the world of metals. So yes, reason enough to be used in places of worship, again across most cultures of the world.

indian teak wood shutters with brass knobs, brass shooter bolt and handle

Brass knobs, brass shooter bolt and handle on Indian teak wood shutters

The following images contain the specs and the prices.



Doors as Entrances

Doors are most often symbolically linked with ritual purposes. Haven’t we all felt solemn receiving the keys to a new home or work place, as we step in with new energy and hope? A door is first and foremost an entrance on a literal level, leading us from there to the insides that either are our places of rest or work. Either way, a doorway has some kind of energy. Doors are also closely related to gates and thresholds. The three together create a welcoming portal and a passage, for they   share similar, symbolic features.

Doors make a statement.

Your front door is an introduction of sorts. Of your style and sensibilities. Of your warmth and energy. That is why, most people invest time and money on making a good front door and that done, a natural progression would be to make pleasing and cozy interiors. So, a good door is encouragement to making a pretty home within.

Mix-n-Match Tips

Just like in my earlier posts on home decor accessories the predominant theme has been mix-n-match, so does the vintage carved doorway with its components lend beautifully to the theme.

The gorgeous carved frame could be attached to a wall akin to a showpiece. Within it could be placed on the wall, several small to medium-sized wooden or metal handicrafts, like a collage. Or a statue of your choice giving it a stately look.

The two shutters could also be a showpiece on your wall, just fix them up with screws to give the appearance of a door leading to an inside. Let in a little wonderment!

The carved door is ready for pick up at The Sandalwood Room, Singapore. Contact Anjana@thesandalwoodroom.com or call them at 9786 5896.

The Sandalwood Room at Singapore has more on offer till the 10th Of February, as part of their exclusive home decor accessories sale.

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4 thoughts on “Hand-carved Vintage Door, Indian Teak – Make Your Home Special With It

  1. So many types of doors in India. Most of them look very intricate, with intricate designs. They all look heavy and tough, though, especially the one with the bolt. When I lived in Malaysia, it was very common for the places where I lived to have two bolts on the door for security purposes 🙂


  2. We take it for granted, the doors and we come across so many different designs of doors, as so beautifully highlighted by you, these are indeed fascinating to observe and going little deep into the history of such carvings on wood, it makes wonder.
    Yes, wood plays a significant role in lifting the look of the door and the outlook the person staying that house. Teak wood makes the work on wood come our much more radiantly and the glow is seen to be appreciated on such fine work of artistic creativity on the canvas of wood…I always keep wondering how much patience the worker on wood have to get such intricate and fabulous work of design that gets etched on the raw wood into a product of art.
    Thanks for sharing such a lovely post on door, so often we overlook the door that gives the protection and also the entry to our home.


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